Need a fresh instal, should I buy windows 7 or 8?

Created by GoodKn1ght on Nov. 8, 2012, 9:41 p.m.
  • So I currently have a less then legal copy of windows 7. I built my computer when I was a poor struggling college student and half of the parts were given to me for free. I'm not even sure exactly how I got a bootleg version anymore, I believe a friend had it on a thumb drive. I'm not trying to justify piracy, I know it's wrong, just trying to show piracy is not a usual thing I partake in.

    Now my problem. I got an SSD and would like to put a legal version of windows. I'm really at a loss with which version to get. Both cost the same for a full version (I can't upgrade from a illegal version) so there is no difference there. To anyone that upgraded on just a regular desktop, do you like it and would you recommend it instead of windows 7? The only thing I use my desktop for is games and some CAD software that only comes in windows flavors, I have a macbook for all my work.

  • Windows 8. A big difference is Windows 8 has a store that will be populated with more apps. You don't want to be in a position where in 1 - 2 years you have to upgrade to get a killer app. Probably won't happen, but I wouldn't take that risk. Plus, it's faster.

  • I kinda doubt modern/metro-only apps are going to be compelling on the desktop side any time soon, but if you're going to buy Windows you might as well get the latest. There are a couple of 3rd-party tools which "fix" the more annoying interface elements if you don't want to do things the Windows 8 way.

  • There is no reason not to buy Windows 8 at this point. The only people not looking at Windows 8 should be people on Windows 7 who are happy with their install and do not feel the need to upgrade. There is no sense in buying outdated software, especially if it costs the same as the new software.

  • Windows 8. Don't buy outdated software. It's currently cheaper than Win7 on Amazon.

  • There's not really any good reason not to put in Windows 8.

  • Go with Windows 8 Pro. The metro apps are actually kind of useful once you get used to the new start menu. The 2/3rd screen thing is awesome if you're multi-tasking with multiple monitors.

    Also, it's $70 at Microsoft's store or $40 if you get the download. Something tells me if it's your first copy of legit Windows you're fine with the download.