PS3 keeps signing me out of PSN - Error code 8002AD23

Created by ErrorOperator on March 15, 2012, 7:08 p.m.
  • This has now become the bane of my life, I cannot stay logged in for more than 10 minutes without it signing me out with an 8002ad23 error, This is incredibly frustrating now that I can't download the Uncharted 3 beta and it is impossible to stream a film through Lovefilm!

    I have tried pretty much everything google has told me, Media sharing is off, tried it with both UPNP settings, my router firmware is completely up to date and the correct ports have been forwarded. Have any of you guys run into this problem or have a different idea into how to fix this?

    Much thanks in advance!

  • I used to have a similar problem, and it went away with time. I called sony and they told me to check the MTU settings and play around with the numbers to see if that helped any. What it most probably could be, is that your router is resetting or trying to give your ps3 a new Ip address every ten minutes and thus your connection gets interrupted. I don't know if your connecting wirelessly, but if so you need to make sure no other signals are interfering with the wireless channel your router is set up on, which you can change. That's about all that I can I think of on top of my head, try playing around with other settings you might not have thought of, and try and flash your router to custom firmware like dd-wrt if you can, it'll give you more settings for you to play around. Good luck