Artist name not showing up on iPhone

Created by EdTwo on March 15, 2012, 6:36 p.m.
  • I'm having a problem with my iPhone where The Doors is not showing up in artists but the it shows up in albums and songs. This is also happening with a Motorhead album. The album won't show up under Motorhead but other albums will. Once again it shows up in albums but not in artists. When I have it plugged to my PC, it shows up on normally iTunes. It's a 3GS updated to 5.0. Does anyone have any idea what the fuck is wrong with my phone?

  • @EdTwo: I guess the iPhone just has better tastes than you do... (just screwing with you)

    Did you buy those specific tracks from iTunes or did you acquire them from another source? If it's the later, you might want to check the tracks' meta data (or whatever it's call for music files), check that the artist's name is right and in the right place (sometimes it can show up at the right place on the computer and not on the iPod). Then you could either do the required corrections manually, or just make iTunes fetch the tracks' info (right click>Get track names). But if it's not available through iTunes, you'll have to do it manually.

    Also, a good way to go might be to just smite everything a start over clean and fresh.

  • i got the songs from CDs. all the info is correct, ive tried changing it to see if it shows up as something else but it didnt work. it only started doing this after i updated to 5.0. whatver, thanks anyway

  • Here's the stitch.

    If you're still having the problem, here is the solution.

    iTunes allows you to edit the ID3 tag, but for some reason if there isn't already a title tag in the song, the title tag for that song in itunes becomes the FILENAME not the title tag.

    What you have to do is, manually edit the title tag on your computer or with an external ID3 tagger software, the title tag IS NOT the file name.

    In windows you can do this by; Right clicking the song, clicking properties and clicking details.

    Make sure to have written the 'Title' and 'Album Artist' tags, the rest don't officially matter as you can change them later through iTunes. You can also change 'Album Artist' in iTunes, but do this before as a precaution.

    No idea on mac as I don't use one lol.

    Then upload to your iPod or iPhone, and it will be solved.

    I hope this helps anyone, I have musical OCD and this really pissed me off.


    - Timmy

  • @projecttimmy: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was going crazy trying to figure out why it wouldn't recognize the songs I downloaded. It was the stupid TAGS! You saved me a mental breakdown. My songs have to be perfect or I get super annoyed. Again, THANKS!