Android Alarm/Timer app

Created by enYallione on Feb. 8, 2013, 12:25 p.m.
  • I've been using SPB Time as my Alarm/Timer app for a long time, but with my phone being upgraded to newer versions of Android that app is falling apart due to them not updating it anymore. The features of SPB Time I use still works, but as other parts of it are falling apart it lessens my faith in it. Does anyone know of a solid, polished alarm and timer app?

    The two features of SPB Time I use which are critical are:

    • Good management of multiple alarms (configure each alarm for which days it rings, how often/long it repeats, "aggression" level/puzzle solving if you really don't want to oversleep etc)
    • Timer/Countdown (i.e. cooking timer) that is easily configurable without having to tinker around with small options. SPT Timer remembers my last couple of timers (30 minutes, 15 minutes, 25 minutes etc) and has a spinning 1-60 (or 1-24) wheel to quickly chose how many hours/minutes/seconds to count down.

    Searching around I mostly find topics that are 1+ year old and mentioning apps that look rather clunky.

    Ideally there is a polished app which has both alarm and timers in one, but I'd also appreciate any points to apps that do one very neatly.

  • The clock app in cyanogen has a timer and stopwatch n stuff.

    As far as the alarm goes, I just use the stock one. You can make multiple ones and select the days it repeats and whatever, it just doesn't have the puzzles you are hinting at.

  • Android 4.2's Clock app does Alarms, countdown and stopwatch... so that's what I use.

  • Back when I was on Android, my go-to Alarm app was Gentle Alarm. It was never aesthetically pleasing, but it worked well. Not sure if it's still good though.

  • Alarm Clock Xtreme

  • I use alarm clock plus. It's a paid app but it gives you al the things you stated you want to do with your alarms except the puzzle solving part. I just put three or four alarms on. There is a free version too with ads.

  • I use a combo of the free Alarm Clock Plus (Doesn't have puzzles but has math problems of varying, selectable difficulty) and a Holo-themed 'Kitchen Timer' (pic below) that I'm pretty sure I found on XDA, since there is no market version except the vanilla one.

    Given that, when I finally get to 4.2 I'll probably just use the stock app

  • Thanks for the tips. I'm going with Alarm Clock Plus now which seems to do what I want. Math is fine for a puzzle. I like that the alarm stops for a few seconds while you type your answer, SPB just kept going untill you got it right.

    I'm also trying the Kitchen Timer (the one in the android store, not as pretty but looks to have the same elements as the screenshot). It doesn't seem to remember my last couple of alarms though at a glance, but I've not played around much with it yet.

  • I just used the clock app after getting the update to 4.2 on my old Nexus. Prior to that I used a math-based alarm app that made you answer questions because it worked really well for getting me up earlier than I would otherwise.