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CROMRecommended PC Specs Discussion »
by CROM    in PC and Mac
stenchlord 6,947 142
LiminalityShow us your desktop. »
by Liminality    in PC and Mac
atomic_dumpling 12,934 134
YukoeiNvidia or ATI graphic cards, which do you use and why? »
by Yukoei    in PC and Mac
Om1kron 7,686 108
IzninjaFTWPost pictures of your computer! »
by IzninjaFTW    in PC and Mac
Berserk 6,796 79
theduddlerHigh End Computer/Poor Framerates »
by theduddler    in PC and Mac
theduddler 5,407 67
GodSlamWhich browser do you prefer and why? »
by GodSlam    in PC and Mac
JonathanMoore 6,633 53
LiminalityWhat's your screen resolution? »
by Liminality    in PC and Mac
TripMasterMunky 6,971 51
RunEscapemy computer build > is it good/bad? »
by RunEscape    in PC and Mac
nabokovfan87 4,197 49
HughesSpecs thread! »
by Hughes    in PC and Mac
stenchlord 7,574 46
End_BossInstalling a New OS »
by End_Boss    in PC and Mac
PhZn 2,261 45
freakin9Talk me off the Macbook ledge... or don't. From a PC user. »
by freakin9    in PC and Mac
Wolverine 5,779 45
UstrupTracking a computer »
by Ustrup    in PC and Mac
Mirado 6,834 44
FalconInternet and speedtest question »
by Falcon    in PC and Mac
Wolverine 2,715 44
FalconMicrosoft Surface starting at $499 »
by Falcon    in PC and Mac
PillClinton 6,239 43
LasheWhat browser are you using? »
by Lashe    in PC and Mac
PaulKemp 3,314 43
DanLaptop or Desktop? »
by Dan    in PC and Mac
Skytylz 5,728 43
BlatantNinja23Desktop Wallpapers, Which Ones Are You Using? »
by BlatantNinja23    in PC and Mac
GTFShadow 3,688 42
JoeHI went Mac, and now I'm finding it difficult to go back... »
by JoeH    in PC and Mac
bored_and_agitated 3,128 42
ToxeiaWhen did it get so hard to find a decent keyboard? »
by Toxeia    in PC and Mac
Sooty 10,053 41
MonkeyGekkoHave you overclocked your computer? »
by MonkeyGekko    in PC and Mac
LeroyBerquist 4,080 40