Should I install Windows 8 to my 1TB Velociraptor or 500GB SSD?

Created by MordeaniisChaos on Nov. 10, 2012, 3:52 p.m.
  • I'm almost done with my current PC build. I have to buy my mobo, CPU, and SSD. It should take 2 weeks, but it'll be 3 at most. I also will be picking up Windows 8, as I've been using the preview for months and pretty happy with it, plus it's cheaper by a good bit than Windows 7 OEM copies.

    So my question is if I should put Windows 8 on the 1TB WD Velociraptor, which will mostly be used as a storage drive, or on my 500GB SSD . As far as I know, there isn't really any disadvantage to an OS on an SSD, because the stability issue has mostly been worked out. I'm not worried about space, because again, my Velociraptor will hold my data for the most part. The SSD is mostly for my steam library, and now that it's oh so easy to install wherever the fuck I want, I don't need to worry about what drive is considered the C drive.

    I don't really shut my PC down, at most I'll hibernate it, and even with a total shit hard drive, W8 starts up from hibernation pretty snappily. Are there other benefits to using my SSD for my OS? I almost feel like having my libraries and download folder and all that on my bigger drive by default would be less of a hassle and as a result might just be a better option for me.

  • @MordeaniisChaos: If you're concerned about stability issues with your OS on an SSD, I've seen none. I have a 240GB OCZ Agility III and I ran Win7 from September until Win8 came out and I'm using that now. Win 8 boot times are faster than 7 (SSD vs SSD or HDD vs HDD), but I'd really just install it on the SSD, you'll love it.