What do you think of Windows 8? I look forward to a "Boot to desktop" modification

Created by Sooty on Oct. 31, 2012, 7:18 p.m.
    • My start screen looks ridiculous, so much space that I can't possibly fill up at this resolution. (1920x1080+)
    • Having two control panels is stupid.
    • A lot of system controls/options in the start screen just kick you out onto the desktop when you want to pick anything slightly advanced (e.g. choosing updates to install on Windows Update) This is just another bizarre disconnect between the two interfaces.
    • After my PC boots to the start screen and I click the desktop, only then does it launch my startup applications (this is beyond dumb)
    • The new Windows 8 backup solution is awful compared to Windows 7's, fortunately you can access the "old" Windows 7 Backup & Restore if you do a bit of digging. If you already have a backup schedule on Windows 7 (I upgraded from 7 to 8) then Windows 8 totally hides the backup tools until you remove your "Windows 7 Legacy Backup Schedule" which is extremely unhelpful. I had to Google to find this out.
    • Everything to do with the Modern UI wastes tons of space, the font sizes are all huge even on desktop monitors, I do way more scrolling than I should have to. They waste a lot of space both horizontally and vertically.
    • Going through your installed "desktop" apps using the start screen is awkward and looks extremely janky.
    • No option to launch straight into the desktop is dumb, fortunately I'm on an SSD so having to launch the desktop and then wait for my startup apps to load isn't a big deal since everything loads so fast, but if I was on a slower hard drive then this would prove annoying.
    • Even if I wanted to use the start screen for real, like with a touchscreen, I still can't make use of all the space properly because you can't make the start screen's tiles very big.
    • The app store seems to have been given zero thought for desktop keyboard and mouse use, in fact this seems to be a common occurrence throughout the entire OS, luckily the desktop is still the desktop. Do you like scrolling horizontally using a mouse wheel? Then Modern/Metro is the interface for you!

    The Good:

    • Task Manager is better.
    • Built-in image mounting.
    • According to the Internet it's faster. (I haven't noticed it, maybe it's not as noticeable with an SSD)
    • Colour schemes look nicer than Aero.
    • I only have to see the terrible start screen when I do WinKey + Typing (to launch apps) and afterwards it puts me back on the desktop.
  • I gave the consumer preview a run, simply put my experience did not end well. The Frankenstein of an OS with Metro UI reminds me of Microsoft Bob and I hope it has the same fate(no that is not sarcasm), so until they volunteer to remove it or get sued I don't won't touch it with a 20 foot stick.

    Under the hood yes there are some great features, but I will wait to see what happens with Windows 9.

  • Eh, it's okay.

    PS - My startup apps totally run before going to the desktop after a cold boot.

  • @Falcon said:

    Eh, it's okay.

    PS - My startup apps totally run before going to the desktop after a cold boot.

    Maybe it's just the notification icons that take a bit of time to pop-in, that's the only way I'm really able to gauge it since things load so fast.

  • It's alright. I enjoy the new look of the desktop and I really like how good it is about pulling down the correct drivers for things. There are plenty of small improvements across the board.

    My personal grievance right now is with the syncing of settings. It keeps syncing shit even though I told it to stop. That and you can't search for entries inside the control panel like you could before.

    Oh, and yes. My startup applications seem to start a lot slower, I'm not sure whether or not its just slower in general or if it doesn't start until I access the desktop.

  • Works fine for me. I barely hit the Start screen, so it doesn't bother me at all. The desktop is faster and the Task Manager is way better, so I like it. Also, I can snap Twitter to my second monitor with IRC, so that's nice, too.

  • isnt there that classic shell thing that makes it start straight to the desktop?

  • @coopdegra said:

    isnt there that classic shell thing that makes it start straight to the desktop?

    Yep. Here is the link: http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/

  • Sweet, thanks for that I'll check it out.

    I do like the more accurate search, it's faster at launching/finding programs than the start menu was.

    I am disappointed they don't seem to have done anything with virtual desktops, OS X virtual desktops are fantastic and I use them constantly on my MacBook Air. I could see a benefit in being able to have both Winamp and Chrome full screen and accessible with a key bind than having to click the taskbar or alt tab to them. (I know you can do WinKey+# but that's a bit awkward)

  • there's multiple programs that add a start button and add the boot to desktop option, think lifehacker did a rundown of a few apps that do it ranging from simple to complex...

    here http://lifehacker.com/5955089/how-to-bring-back-the-start-menu-in-windows-8

  • @Sooty: My machine boots 8 seconds faster on 8. (34 -> 26)