Adams Linisher Sander

Created by Phoenixdiscs on Sept. 1, 2017, 5:26 a.m.
  • Is there information somewhere on the linisher sander Adam uses? I want to buy/build one for my workshop but am having trouble finding any good information.

  • A friend of mine built his own a few years ago out of scrap material we had around the barn, so it is absolutely possible to make a one-off custom one based on your needs. Mine is a Bader and I absolutely love it. Be forewarned, however, these things aren't cheap if you buy a new one. Those of us who make knives usually use the term belt grinder instead of linisher, so you may want to add that into your search terms. Another place to look for info would be the BladeForums sticky on a DIY belt grinder. The guys who make knives, swords, edged tools, and the like have pages upon pages of info on how to modify your belt grinder for different purposes.

    Unfortunately I have no idea which one Adam uses. In the Excalibur video he mentioned that he built his 2 x 72 in grinder, and the 48 in grinder is in several of the one day build videos if you want to screen grab a model or make on it. Based on my experience with belt grinders, I find that you'll be better suited to buy a 2 x 72 in grinder vs a smaller one. But if you only need it for one project...the small one from harbor freight all the way.

    Best of luck.

  • @Phoenixdiscs: Hi.. you might have already found out info on the sander, and I could be wrong, but I've a feeling that its a sander made by these guys ( I think that its a sander thats designed for making knives/blades.. I saw this vid a while back that might give you some inspiration if you want to make you own