ballistic gel

Created by Nilsraes on Aug. 20, 2017, 4:46 a.m.
  • I'm just starting to test my skills. So I'm trying to craft a realistic doll of a troll. I'm going to make the skin out of latex. I was thinking to use some kind of ballistic gel, so it feels real.
    I found ways to make ballistic gel online. It's made whit gelatine. I'm wondering if it can lasts inside of the latex heat.
    Or are the other ways to make it feel realistic.

  • I am fairly sure ballistic gel rots relatively quickly, and putting it inside latex is unlikely to help matters.

    I would suggest seeking out a different material. When Adam and Jamie were testing the airplane vacuum-toilet myth in season one of Mythbusters, they were looking for realistic skin/flesh simulant and ended up using Dragonskin silicone from Smooth-On. Dragonskin is used for things such as prosthetics and sex-toys because it is skin-safe and has a realistic feel.

    FWIW, Latex also "rots" from exposure to UV light, it is a natural material and requires regular maintenance and proper storage to last.