Created by FRANCO 358 on June 11, 2017, 7:02 a.m.
  • Fallout 4_20151111202334

    The Alien Blaster from Fallout 4 is going to be my next build. Designs from this Game are just Amazing and the Blaster is no exception . Like my Fallout Laser Pistol build, This build will NOT employ any 3D Printing , CNC or Laser cut parts . All parts will be fabricated using standard tools which will be a combination of fabrication and sculpting .

  • Every project has to start somewhere. Blaster Grip material is Sintra.

  • This should be good, I'll be following along for sure :)

  • @kim_a: Thanks

  • A bit rough but its a good start .

  • You sir are like a man possessed. Just as you are finishing one fantastic build you are starting out on another. These build logs are fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through them and following along with your progress. They look bloody fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. You may have inspired me to try my hand at scratch building something of my own. I've never tried it before but you make such wonderful things using such simple materials. Thank you for sharing.

  • @ThomasWren: Thanks Thomas for the kind words . I am just a little motivated that' s all . I just wish there were more hours in the day . I hope it does inspire You and everyone to go out and build and learn , nothing more rewarding . . You'll have to keep me posted when you start a project.

  • I'm figuring out as I start to puzzle this project together , I'll have to build it from the Inside out . All the voids and Compartments for Electronics have to be configured out first in order to keep it under 100 pounds ( joking, I think )
  • Trigger Guard .

  • @FRANCO 358: Doesn't look like much at this point but this section will transform in the next few days . This section has some of the Blasters coolest contours and detail. It will house the switch for controlling all the electronics.

  • Trigger pocket dialed in .

  • Nice, loving this

  • With the Battery compartment sorted out . I have designed it to use a MN-21 12 VOLT battery but I opened the space up to possibly put a rechargeable Lithium battery with a USB jack. What the final power source will be , will depend on how long the 12 volt will last or how much I can light the Blaster on the two choices . This section of the build is taking some time but it is the Heart of the Blaster and sets the tone for the rest of the build .