Are there Mods on this Forum?

Created by FJVarro on May 16, 2017, 6:35 p.m.
  • Seriously? Like... Seriously, are there mods? I came in here looking to find some good ideas for gifts etc, maybe some ideas on how to get into Arduino, etc. after watching Adams 3PO/Chewy build. And all I see is stuff for Boner pills.

  • Yes, there are mods. However, the forums aren't very active and the mods tend to focus on the comment-threads on the videos rather than the forums.

    If you see the weird indian love-magic threads, or those advertising boner-pills, you can flag them and they'll get taken down fairly quickly (depends on when you flag relative to pacific time, as the mods are either the crew themselves in San Francisco, or the staff at Whalerock, which are in Los Angeles, night time PDT and the weekends tend to take a lot longer).