Are there Mods on this Forum?

Created by FJVarro on May 16, 2017, 6:35 p.m.
  • Seriously? Like... Seriously, are there mods? I came in here looking to find some good ideas for gifts etc, maybe some ideas on how to get into Arduino, etc. after watching Adams 3PO/Chewy build. And all I see is stuff for Boner pills.

  • Yes, there are mods. However, the forums aren't very active and the mods tend to focus on the comment-threads on the videos rather than the forums.

    If you see the weird indian love-magic threads, or those advertising boner-pills, you can flag them and they'll get taken down fairly quickly (depends on when you flag relative to pacific time, as the mods are either the crew themselves in San Francisco, or the staff at Whalerock, which are in Los Angeles, night time PDT and the weekends tend to take a lot longer).

  • OK, awesome, thanks!

  • @kim_a: Actually, looking again, the mods should come in here more often. Multiple posts are 2 months old and I cannot flag them, so they must have been already, and are still hanging around.

    A great way to make a forum inactive is to make it useless by not clearing spam...

  • @FJVarro: Well, I think the mods either came in, saw your post and deleted them... or you are seeing something I can't. In your screenshot it goes from 1 Month to 2 Months and then a bunch of spam, but for me it is all normal posts going back much further than that :) Are you still seeing those?

  • @kim_a: Nope I still see them all. Just loaded it up on desktop to make sure it wasn't a mobile site issue somehow too. I have to go 23 pages deep to get past the spam.

  • Yeah I see them in the Makers forum too. It really bothers me that Adam and Norm don't give a shit about the forums or the website in general. Stop your insane business travel and video production for a month and get this shit organized and on a new platform.

  • @cowgod: That has nothing to do with it. Whalerock has control over site development, not the Tested crew. The people in charge of the engineers don't prioritize the Tested site in any way. After the re-relaunch of the site, was essentially put into maintenance mode.

  • "Stop video production"

    I know you probably meant to get budget for fixing the site (although to fix the issues at hand, it would take a hell of a lot more money than this site burns in a week).

    But I'm just imagining Norm, Adam, Joey, Simone, Adam Isaac, Kishore, Jeremy and Sean sitting down at their desks for a week, trying to code a new, improved forum. :p

  • I was not insinuating that they'd magically become programmers and build a new site. I meant that they would need to take the helm and manage/oversee the development of a new website.

    I'm not familiar with Whalerock, but I would assume that Adam should have a large sway with the way operates from day to day, and I'm appalled that he has not done more to get this site in working order on a more modern platform. He constantly asks for people to comment on things, which is really challenging when most of the functions of the editor on this site are broken and there's spam everywhere.