Monthly Makers Challenge- April - Carboard

Created by aussiebmw on April 23, 2017, 5:25 a.m.
  • Hi All,

    Given there is not much left to this month, lets go with @chomp3rs suggestion and make this challenge cardboard.

    Like all the previous challenges its open to your own interpretation and everyone is welcome to participate. Anything goes as long as it is somehow related to cardboard, which includes but is not limited to, making something out of cardboard, using cardboard to help you make something, make some cardboard or anything else you can imagine.

    Feel free to use this thread to discuss this months challenge, post your progress and share your completed project.

    I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

    Last Months Challenge: March - Food

    Current list of suggestion for future challenges: (Thanks to @diakinesis for setting up this list)

  • Any type of cardboard or card is fine, this challenge like the previous challenges is pretty loose with the rules.

    The main aim is to get people making/creating and having fun doing it.

  • I made a pretty low effort creation this month by following this guide for a mechanical iris:

    Instead of the wood, cd spindle, copper, and welding I used good old cardboard, cardstock, paper clips and glue! Its was a pretty fun project that only took me a single evening. I plan on scaling the build down at some point but until then here are some pictures

  • thats remarkable transformation, i wouldnta guessed it was cardboard.

  • lol sorry i can't read... that was embarassing..

    anyways it is still impressive.

  • @ThomasWren: What you have done so far looks great. Yeah we should pick a challenge for this month, @diakinesis has been compiling a list of possible challenges here: . Since you were the most active for the April challenge and @chomp3rs picked this challenge, why don't you pick a topic for May. Going from the list, I am guessing a soft material challenge would be right up your alley :)

    Also I forgot to upload my submission for the April challenge, so here it is, albeit a bit late. I made a cardboard dock out of a cereal box:

  • What happened to @ThomasWren posts?

  • Looks like everything he posted is gone, even the May maker's challenge thread

  • I'm still here. It seems there was either a fault with the forum or I was removed for some reason. When I tried to sign in I got a message saying I had to verify my email address before I could sign back in. Once I did this I was able to sign back in but all my content was removed. I just haven't gotten around to putting the effort in to reposting the challenge thread. I should get around to it. It's just disheartening that everything went.

  • Such forum stability. Many years longevity. Let's get a new challenge going. I just got a laser.