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Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
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  • Barbarella Jane Fonda Space Top Leotard Onesie Belt Costume Boots

    Brand new, custom made to your measurements , silvery white satin leotard with attached faux belt, narrow short skirt panels over butt, a center front mud flap with black plastic rectangle, black vinyl straps starting at back of belt with buckle attachment over shoulder under epaulette/carrier down front over belt and down, plunging neckline with 3 center front buckle closures. White pleather thigh high shoe cover/ boots with low heels , pleats at boot top on inner and outer seams and center front black strap from toe to boot top with buckle attaching to leotard front strap.

  • Doctor Who 4th Dr Tom Baker Suit Blazer Jacket Costume Prop

    Brand new custom made to your measurements 4th Dr. Who jacket made with brick red fine whale corduroy completely lined with four center front button closures hand sewn button holes, two upper chest pockets, two front hip pockets, all pockets cargo style with brown edging on top edge, flaps and buttons, left sleeve has flap at wrist, back has two action vents, faux belt, low center back vent, sleeve backs have two brown suede elbow patches hand sewn and three cuff buttons.

    The other costume items pictured are not included in this sale but available separately.

    Featured on BBC America

  • Doctor Who 4th Dr Tom Baker FROCK COAT Costume Prop

    Brand new custom made to your measurements wool tweed knee length frock coat with brown velvet upper inside collar, very wide ; lapels with 3 (each side) button holes, slender cut sleeves with brown trim 4” above hem, shoulder pads, very close fitting torso, double breasted with 6 front 1” – 1 1/4” buttons with button holes, 2 non-functioning pocket flaps at front waist with brown edge trim, 2 functioning extra-large coat skirt welted pockets with brown edge trim at low side back, brown edge trim also around collar, lapel and down center fronts; lower back has 2 decorative buttons and 1 vent flap center back and lined in brown cotton. Optional inside pockets extra. Pants pictured not included but available separately, including other costume items.

  • Greatest American Hero William Katt Superhero Flying Suit Costume Prop

    Brand new custom made to your measurements flying suit with short black mid-thigh cape with red trim and hook and eye closure at neck front.

    Matte red stretch spandex tunic (two versions) with gray stretch spandex trim at neck, wrist and hem. The version included at this pricing point is the deluxe red stretch spandex tunic with gray stretch spandex trim at neck, wrist and hem. Optional zippers on back and sleeves included.

    Red, light gray or white (as pictured) and black logo emblem sewn on tunic.

    Silver gray fabric belt with logo buckle center front and back Velcro closure.

    Matte red stretch spandex pants (3 versions) with elastic waist and gray stretch spandex piping with faux boot tops stitched at top edge of boot covers to pants (optional elastic stirrups under shoes or optional hook and eye closures). The version included at this pricing point is the super deluxe authentic red stretch spandex pants with elastic waist, side hip zippers and gray stretch spandex piping with faux boot tops stitched at top edge of boot covers to pants, side ankle zippers, and hook and eye closures or attachments to shoes (four sets each side). Includes eyes sewn to shoes and hooks to faux boot tops.

    This version like the movie one is with all the zippers and hook and eye closures on the shoes and boot tops.

    Optional matching red custom leather shoes with soles and heels included.

    More images may be seen at http://www.the-magic-wardrobe.com/CostumeStages.html?CostumeId=323

  • Raiders of the Lost

    Late 30's floor-length distressed white lace evening gown with short gathered butterfly sleeves and deep V-neck front, fitted empire waist bodice, deep below waist V in back, close-fitting through waist, six panels skirt flaring out over hips to hem, including center back panel with four to five tiers of gathered dotted net depending on height. Details include satin ribbon bows at each shoulder and V-neck bottom with small rosette over V-neck bow and large rosette at back deep V. Large and small rosettes, sleeves, tiers, and outer dress layer made of dotted net lace. Dress under layer made of light to medium weight lining fabric. Optional distressing as desired or pictured included in this purchase price.

    Additional pictures may be seen at http://the-magic-wardrobe.com/CostumeStages.html?CostumeId=131

  • My first project I ever made is an ammo can speaker box, it is 12v, has Bluetooth, a volt meter, and a USB charge port.

  • My latest project has been replica Ecto Goggles from Ghostbusters, they are still a work in progress, I need to figure out some weathering for them.

  • I wanted to learn how to fade with PWM for arduinos, and I was working on a Thor hammer for a friend, so I decided to combine a few projects based on different thing I saw on the rpf. Essentially I took ideas from unrelated projects and put them into this one.

    To start with I took a plastic thor hammer, bondoed the seam, added a leather wrapped wood handle and repainted it.

    Then I made a base out of cardboard rings, 4 polycarbonate tube ends that I have left over from making lightsaber blades

    A little bit of paint

    key placement of LEDs and here it is.

  • Four Emus Bay to Breakers Race - Anybody remember these runners?

  • Four Emus Mascots

    Constellation Wines U.S. Pacific Wine Partner's Four Emus Winery emu mascots. Foam-constructed emu body on top of helmet base with chin strap, genuine emu feathers covering entire body, black, grey and blue marabou feathers on neck and head with hand painted acrylic eyes and details on head neck and beak. Optional running suits.

    Other pics @ http://the-magic-wardrobe.com/CostumeView.html?CostumeViewId=152