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Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • I can't take the credit for the original buildings, they're based on these:

    I just modified them a bit to make the "3" buildings bigger than the "2"s, and added the scoring symbols on them.

  • Finally on the wall.

  • Hi all!

    I posted this elsewhere on the site, but this seems to be the best place for it. I mostly spend my time painting and drawing, but every now and then I need to do something in 3D to relax.

    Recently I've been inspired by watching @frankippolito and @norman painting toys. I found these fun Skylanders toys for half the price in the shop so I decided to re-paint them and give them a more Steampunk look.

    I think it was Adam who said he was doing Steampunk before it was a thing? Well so did I, I always loved that kind of aesthetic. Plus I am a big fan of the books by the "founding fathers" of current Steampunk, especially Tim Powers. He actually endorses my jeweller line that I came up with some years ago.

  • Hey there,

    I built this Case for my 1989 Batman hot toys figures, background and floor are made from the 1989 original comic release. Pretty simply but I thought it turned out pretty cool.

  • I had just recently been using my garage bay a model rail road and I had re arranged after I had decided that I used some of the First Order Retrivibility concepts and it has improved the way that I had used the space by about a thousand times.Anyway I had just been wanting to share this and I thought it was fun to do. Thanks.
  • This was one of my first project, a three axis laser spiro graph using a UV laser and PWM speed controllers. The idea was going to be control if using a Raspberry pi, and i did write a lot of the code. But in the end decided it was not something i really had the time to do (meant learning a lot of web coding). But as you can see from the video it works ok in manual mode. And of course it has a big red switch to turn the laser on and off :)

  • Just finished this steampunk style alarm clock. It started with an alarm clock kit from CanaKit and some gears from an old broken clock movement. It took some time to get everything functional but after a lot of trial and error it's finally working well! See here for build pictures and videos

  • I'm currently building a K-2SO droid puppet. Was honored to have Norm interview me at the recent RPF party in North Hollywood. I'll be posting as I finish him over the next two months on the RPF. I love joining communities of makers. This forum list has some incredible pieces.


  • @Hydra: My wife wants you to know with a smile and a laugh that that's just wrong sir. LOL

  • Here's my version of a first-order-retrievability toolbox, based on a Draper 48566, with foamcore inserts:

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