Show Us What You've Made!

Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • I can't take the credit for the original buildings, they're based on these:

    I just modified them a bit to make the "3" buildings bigger than the "2"s, and added the scoring symbols on them.

  • Finally on the wall.

  • Hi all!

    I posted this elsewhere on the site, but this seems to be the best place for it. I mostly spend my time painting and drawing, but every now and then I need to do something in 3D to relax.

    Recently I've been inspired by watching @frankippolito and @norman painting toys. I found these fun Skylanders toys for half the price in the shop so I decided to re-paint them and give them a more Steampunk look.

    I think it was Adam who said he was doing Steampunk before it was a thing? Well so did I, I always loved that kind of aesthetic. Plus I am a big fan of the books by the "founding fathers" of current Steampunk, especially Tim Powers. He actually endorses my jeweller line that I came up with some years ago.

  • Hey there,

    I built this Case for my 1989 Batman hot toys figures, background and floor are made from the 1989 original comic release. Pretty simply but I thought it turned out pretty cool.

  • I had just recently been using my garage bay a model rail road and I had re arranged after I had decided that I used some of the First Order Retrivibility concepts and it has improved the way that I had used the space by about a thousand times.Anyway I had just been wanting to share this and I thought it was fun to do. Thanks.

  • This was one of my first project, a three axis laser spiro graph using a UV laser and PWM speed controllers. The idea was going to be control if using a Raspberry pi, and i did write a lot of the code. But in the end decided it was not something i really had the time to do (meant learning a lot of web coding). But as you can see from the video it works ok in manual mode. And of course it has a big red switch to turn the laser on and off :)