Pirx3D - 3D Printer from Poland

Created by Andrew Pawlikowski on Dec. 5, 2013, 8:52 a.m.

  • Hi, i want to share my test, quick test of Pirx 3D printer.

    It's quite obvious that it's simillar to makerbot or other 3d printers, i have done this review for our company that is promoting 3d printing and we are building huge 3d printers comminity, anyway, thats what i think about this 3d printer.

    It's cheap - 799$ already asembled and ready for print.

    Print very very well but only in PLA

    Software ... lack of software only Repetier host, or Cura

    No LCD no SD card

    Overall price is great - our first makerbot we bought for 1800$ so with shipping and taxes it cost about 9000PLN

    Pirx cost 2299PLN So for European market is cheaper, 4times.

    And time for video! Next one will be with better english - today i had first lesson :)