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willGetting Started With the Printrbot Simple Metal (Article) »
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IeaglethrustEmbossing bot?  »
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LarryDPrinter Troubleshooting »
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TsunamiJuanPrinterbot Metal Simple - Heads up on uncoming hardware changes and parts »
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MantaBaseTESTED: Filament  »
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willIn Brief: Good Tips for 3D Printing Adhesion Problems (Article) »
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willPrint the Mystery Object: Homegrown (Video) »
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petmagnet13Makerbot Replicator 2x Risks? »
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willPrint the Mystery Object: Who Said That? - 10/17/2014 (Video) »
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RemoveBeforeFlightLEGO Compatible 3D printed Robot Frame  »
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willPrint the Mystery Object: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (Video) »
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willPrintrbot Mystery Build: That's Our Joey (Video) »
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samuelvissetMAkerbot 5th gen locked with a print .. not understanding why »
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willIn Brief: Check Out This Amazing 3D Printed Samus Armor (Article) »
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J031MakerBot Wear in Harsh Conditions Over Time »
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asummers3D Printed Car »
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willSetting Up a 3D Print Server for the Printrbot Simple Metal Using Octopi (Article) »
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Ikagara3D printing Adhesion fix. No more blue tape. »
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willMakerbot Mystery Build: Beware the Vertices (Video) »
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