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FerrosNew TV for the upcoming console launch »
by Ferros    in Home Theater
CouchPotatoTalk 2,289 3
CouchPotatoTalkBuying a new TV: just do it or wait until Black Friday »
by CouchPotatoTalk    in Home Theater
CouchPotatoTalk 2,790 4
JonJohns65Limited Edition or Directors cut? »
by JonJohns65    in Home Theater
JonJohns65 2,204 1
PeebeeRCA to HDMI converter to connect cable terminal to new hdtv?  »
by Peebee    in Home Theater
Toxeia 6,783 1
auc2727Google Removed Local Video Playback Support From The Chromecast? »
by auc2727    in Home Theater
Toxeia 3,212 4
ToxeiaDigital TV signals are still an issue for me. »
by Toxeia    in Home Theater
Toxeia 2,034 1
CelShaderProblems with surround and an HDMI splitter »
by CelShader    in Home Theater
CelShader 4,129 1
spartanman1222No more cable bundles? »
by spartanman1222    in Home Theater
CrippleCaptain 3,101 2
HunkuleseBest value tv? »
by Hunkulese    in Home Theater
stenchlord 2,509 2
aroundthefur922Conundrum »
by aroundthefur922    in Home Theater
Toxeia 2,061 2
BennethonDoes anyone have experience with the Wow: World of Wonder TV calibration discs from Disney? »
by Bennethon    in Home Theater
SLUSHIE 3,484 4
Jeffbe232HDMI to RCA for audio only »
by Jeffbe232    in Home Theater
Jeffbe232 4,090 3
doobishAudioengine 5+ bass? »
by doobish    in Home Theater
doobish 3,735 2
doobishAudioengine 5+s for a big room? »
by doobish    in Home Theater
stenchlord 3,307 1
LosDubIn need of a HDMI splitter »
by LosDub    in Home Theater
LosDub 2,890 3
powpowpowScreen material »
by powpowpow    in Home Theater
lane 3,671 2
NinjaBerdSet Top Box(s) best for me? Need Help! »
by NinjaBerd    in Home Theater
AwesomeAndy 2,877 3
isomeriThe state of wireless headphones »
by isomeri    in Home Theater
stenchlord 6,398 10
RavenSwordLooking at getting a new tv, which brand?  »
by RavenSword    in Home Theater
AwesomeAndy 4,143 18
MarioBozaSamsung PN51D8000 & Brandsmart USA »
by MarioBoza    in Home Theater
MarioBoza 2,348 1