Convert HDMI to RCA?

Created by RobbieD2 on March 15, 2012, 6:48 p.m.
  • I have an Apple TV I want to connect to an older TV that doesn't have an HDMI port. Has anyone used a converter box or cable that will allow you to convert the HDMI to RCA? Were you successful? Any product recommendations?

    The TV is in the kid's playroom and I don't want to but a new TV until he destroys this one.


  • @RobbieD2: Cannot be done cheaply. The signal coming out of an HDMI cable is both digital and encrypted, and is not easily converted to RCA, or any other format for that matter.

  • Yeah the amount of money you'd be spending to convert it you're better off buying a small LCD in the kids room and mounting it where he can't reach.

  • It depends on what kind of TV you are using.

    If the TV has a component input (5wires for Audio and video), you can get this item from Amazon for $39. Based on the product description it supports HD resolutions, as well as the lower resolutions that are supported by older CRT TVs.

    If the TV only supports composite input (yellow/red/white), there is this box for $43.

    I've never actually needed to use one of these, but the reviews on Amazon seem to give them a 50/50 shot at working with an apple TV.

  • @RobbieD2: I'd advise against any solution that looks too good to be true, as most of those cheap converter boxes introduce a world of bad picture quality, messed up aspect ratios, HDCP handshake trouble, and other issues,

    Don't waste your money on those things. Unfortunately, I haven't run into anything that I can endorse that would be cheaper then buying a new TV.

  • Thanks guys. I am going to put the Apple TV on the good TV, and the kids will get the Roku. I'm sure they will destroy the old 61" projection TV soon enough, and then I can buy a new one.

  • In case you haven't found a solution yet...

    My kids have in an older TV in their room that I connected a Roku box to via composite (RCA) cables.

    They love Netflix and use it daily!

    I think the Roku was $40 or so, and we pay $8 a month for their separate Netflix (Parental Controlled) account. I think that is pretty affordable over paying for cable.