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RedParkaBest Set Top Box for Local File Playback? »
by RedParka    in Home Theater
Phoenix26 511 12
kazpaThinking of replacing my HTPC with a NUC »
by kazpa    in Home Theater
simian 271 11
KaldekWireless headphones for Bedroom TV watching »
by Kaldek    in Home Theater
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NscafeDirector/actors movie/TV commentary tracks (there will probably be spoilers in this thread) »
by Nscafe    in Home Theater
Nscafe 243 4
NscafeThe House of Cards »
by Nscafe    in Home Theater
daniel1981 239 2
CouchPotatoTalkWall mounting a TV, want to hide the AV equipment in a closet  »
by CouchPotatoTalk    in Home Theater
CouchPotatoTalk 373 4
CouchPotatoTalkRaspmbc »
by CouchPotatoTalk    in Home Theater
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ToxeiaLG compatible sound bar? »
by Toxeia    in Home Theater
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lil_cheeksAVS Reference Blu Ray demo disc »
by lil_cheeks    in Home Theater
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AnominalWhat should I look for in a TV? (Preparing for Cyber-Monday) »
by Anominal    in Home Theater
stenchlord 676 6
ToffordCan I use these free speakers? »
by Tofford    in Home Theater
joemcmahon 507 3
jmood88Color Saturation "flickering" when watching certain Blu-Rays »
by jmood88    in Home Theater
LuegSkywalker 925 2
FerrosNew TV for the upcoming console launch »
by Ferros    in Home Theater
CouchPotatoTalk 515 3
CouchPotatoTalkBuying a new TV: just do it or wait until Black Friday »
by CouchPotatoTalk    in Home Theater
CouchPotatoTalk 698 4
JonJohns65Limited Edition or Directors cut? »
by JonJohns65    in Home Theater
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normanHDMI 2.0 Announced: 18Gbps, 4K at 60FPS (Article) »
by norman    in Home Theater
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PeebeeRCA to HDMI converter to connect cable terminal to new hdtv?  »
by Peebee    in Home Theater
Toxeia 1,277 1
auc2727Google Removed Local Video Playback Support From The Chromecast? »
by auc2727    in Home Theater
Toxeia 845 4
ToxeiaDigital TV signals are still an issue for me. »
by Toxeia    in Home Theater
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CelShaderProblems with surround and an HDMI splitter »
by CelShader    in Home Theater
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