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seanblah12Little bit of wishful thinking? »
by seanblah12    in Home Theater
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heroTopControl4 Anyone??? »
by heroTop    in Home Theater
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akaGajbaConnecting DVD player to PC monitor »
by akaGajba    in Home Theater
jojonl 934 5
johnnyjackmercerCreating a PLEX server... YouTube videos to watch? »
by johnnyjackmercer    in Home Theater
johnnyjackmercer 548 1
TymTested.com Premium on Kodi (XBMC) ? »
by Tym    in Home Theater
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CouchPotatoTalkWall mounting a TV, want to hide the AV equipment in a closet  »
by CouchPotatoTalk    in Home Theater
Emily 3,081 8
MaddyLikesPropsRif6 projector cube »
by MaddyLikesProps    in Home Theater
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TooWalrusStrange, annoying problem using 40" TV as PC monitor for videos, games etc. Blurry text, terrible frame rate. Please help! »
by TooWalrus    in Home Theater
Isawthatcoming 645 2
Noodles02Wearable TV Glasses / Goggles »
by Noodles02    in Home Theater
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ClintonHammondReplace current PC attached to my TV »
by ClintonHammond    in Home Theater
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screwedHeadphones for TV (stereo vs 5.1/7.1) »
by screwed    in Home Theater
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AceModern tv set with picture quality rivaling crt quality for watching older tv shows? »
by Ace    in Home Theater
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gaplebWall Mount TV Quandary »
by gapleb    in Home Theater
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KaldekWireless headphones for Bedroom TV watching »
by Kaldek    in Home Theater
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RavenSwordbought the same TV norm did, but am noticing issues.  »
by RavenSword    in Home Theater
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mustachioeugeneHTPC/streaming box »
by mustachioeugene    in Home Theater
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zigoramaAnyone have experience with the 2014 Vizio E series TVs? »
by zigorama    in Home Theater
ozzlander 12,513 8
JonJohns65DVD Extras (BluRay, too) »
by JonJohns65    in Home Theater
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normanHDMI 2.0 Announced: 18Gbps, 4K at 60FPS (Article) »
by norman    in Home Theater
DaAwesomeP 3,045 1
RedParkaBest Set Top Box for Local File Playback? »
by RedParka    in Home Theater
Phoenix26 2,627 12