Problem with tested and now thinking of cancelling

Created by Jedibri on Dec. 18, 2017, 6:06 p.m.
  • Just seen Norm and Adams request for feedback, and have to say I was disappointed by the questionnaire. Tested was once a great place to watch and be informed. Bur lately it has suffered from a lack of content. And the content that we have been given is more like a back slapping advert for mates.

    Tested used to be informative now it's just like a clicky group of school kids, who won't ket anyone into their group. Gone are the day of the talking room and interesting making spots, replaced by Benin dross, that has all the intellectual content of a cuppa soup.

    What has happened to tested it just can't be Will leaving and try as Norm does he was never a host at best a ed to wills Johnny . Tested has lost its way, the forums should be filled with conversation it should be equal to Reddit or the Rpf as tested has a lot going for it.

    But for some reason it's missing the mark and going in a direction that caters to a few not the many like the old tested did. You asked for opinions well this is just mine, there are now new channels weekly and if you want to compete content is king. Content the makes you think make laugh admire and crave.

    So get back to creating making showing expanding brains maybe then I'll start watching again
  • I agree Tested could have more content and more interactions on the forums. I find that a lot of the content is very similar in nature and could expand out. I love the maker space videos but would like to see more videos dedicated to specific skills or practices. I think this site could become an even better resource to the maker community and the education community as more maker driven practices are being adopted by schools.

  • I joined Premium expecting to find a great community, loads of extra videos and articles of things being tested (you know, because you're lots of behind the scenes stuff, special Q and A's or something. What I found was a 7" Single, a very broken forum (from a tech site!!??), a complete lack of community and 500 videos of people building lego. I'm glad to have supported tested this once as my small way of saying thank you for all the previous stuff you have given out for free which I have really enjoyed, but I won't be renewing, there is literally no point. Since you pretty much don't test things anymore maybe re-brand to "3D Printing, VR, Cosplay and building"? Sorry if that's sounds harsh, but that's pretty much what you are now.

    Whatever direction you decide to take Tested, you really need to replace Will with someone to breath some life back into your shows. I know he's still a guest often but he left a hell of a big hole when he left you've never managed to fill. Not only was he often the most knowledgeable guy on a show but he was funny (and you're shows are so terribly dry now).

  • @StoneCrow:  I have to Agree ith the last two posters, and when you see the amount of ads for muscke boosters etc, in the forum today tgere aren't any moderators to block users and get rid of the spam .....
    Stone Crow is correct as Tested isn't about anything more than 3D printing and virtual reality and Lego .Norm sadly doesn't have the character of Will and as Stone Crow said you can now see what the loss of Will to tested has become.
    So how do you fix it, that's like saying how do you build a Tardis. The whole tested website and videos need massive amounts of work . The lack of content has now become something of a issue with fans who subscribe . If I want to watch someone build Lego I'll go and baby sit my nephews conversation would be more intelligent as well.
    Now let's get to the premium members gift....Its ok if you want to bath on the sound of Mr Savage but it's not exactly Eddie Van Halen....And what if like me you don't own a record player or a turntable , that 7inch plastic disk is about as useful as an outside toilet is to a astronaut.
    The main shows still untitled well tgats just line a huge name dropping erxersicesweet of I just had dinner with r my best mate is, even when they sit and discuss things it's only when will is there to steer the conversation is it any good.
    There are so many people out there making and tinkering, from tiny raspberry pi to motorbikes even a guitar line the is what we want to see, and talking room back with interesting guests. one Matt Bellamy of muse uses with a xy pad. Tested was once the cream of YouTube now it's the sour milk but whether it can be put back together is doubtful as the shows are based on what I resets the hosts or their team and has now lost its direction and frankly time. Tgere are better content makers on YouTube these days. It's heartbreaking as tested the only thing I ever subscribed to and seeing how far it's lost it's way is frankly annoying.
    So new year new channels to find think my tested era has ended sad very sad to say tgat

  • Went to edit the typos and the edit didn't work apologies folks sums it all up for me broken

  • I think to some extent there isn't a push for the to fix the forums because seemingly no one uses them. It's a catch 22. They could spend the time and budget to fix the forums in the hope that a community builds from it, or they could spend that making more videos etc. If I was them, sure I would figure out a way to keep the spam off this more efficiently, but I wouldn't move to fix much when there are a couple of posts a week at this point. It just doesn't make sense. If you want better forums, use the forums more. I think we need to grow the community to the point that it is a community they should care about.

    In terms of content I'm sure losing Frank put a bit of a wrench into some plans they had as well.