Did Adam's record ship to Premium members yet?

Created by Iguanaman on Nov. 1, 2017, 6:11 p.m.
  • I tried a forum search but was not successful. Did Adam's record ship out yet? Just curious since I didn't get one.

  • @Iguanaman: Still awaiting mine as well

  • Ditto

  • Yes. Received today in southern new england.

  • Just received mine today (Maryland) put it right on the turntable and it sounds fantastic! Thanks, Adam and Tested!

  • @critter42 said:


    LOL, and yep got mine not 45 minutes after posting this

  • Yep, got mine today. Too bad I can't listen to it unless I join the hipster movement and buy a record player...

  • Got mine today, also no way to play it...

  • I do not got it yet... Did you guys got a email with a tracking number or something?

  • Nope, I saw on Twitter someone got it and a couple days later mine just showed up.

  • Just received it!! Great product!! Thanks Tested!!

    Strangely, while I live near Montreal in Québec Canada, Tested is in California, the record was produced in Detroit, but mine was posted from Malmo, Sweden?!

  • Never got my album....

  • ahw man! I cant wait for my reccord! Im hoping they send it to belgium.

  • Oh yeah! I just recieved mine... Awesome!

  • Just recieved mine here in Holland. For me an awesome crossover between my vinyl collecting and Tested!

    I also added it the Discogs database;

  • Got mine today (Netherlands) !

    No way to play it, but i'm happy enough just having something that has Adam Savage on it ;)

  • Mine was waiting for me at home in the UK today, that was a nice surprise.

    I immediately set about using the cardboard packaging to prototype some linkages for an automaton inspired Christmas present, which I suppose is appropriate.

    I also made a quick FLAC rip so if anyone who can't play it wants a copy PM me.

  • Got mine (Washington State).

  • There is still hope I guess although I don't have a turntable anymore so I can't play it anyway.