Hellboy Mecha Glove Poster

Created by Darth Odious on March 14, 2017, 2:31 a.m.
  • I'm aware, I am 3 years late to the party! But, I would love to know if it is still possible to purchase a "Mecha Glove Poster?" Emailed the support team but no reply -, so I'm putting it out there!

  • I believe they have said in the past that there are no more of these available, and I also think it was hinted that due to some trademark and copyright issues (the glove poster has a Hellboy logo in the background, as well as it and the disassembled glove prints generally trading on the Hellboy name), it is unlikely to be reprinted.

  • Kim, many thanks for the heads up. That's a real shame this amazing poster is no longer available. Gutted! I can only hope there's someone out there with a spare copy for sale.