Adam's "Elevations of Bear" poster

Created by DutchDane on Oct. 24, 2016, 7:54 a.m.
  • Got my Bear poster in the mail a couple of days ago. (Living in the Netherlands)
    Finally got the time to frame it. Looks awesome!!

    Anyone else got theirs yet?

  • Got mine aswell. Also from the Netherlands :)

    Can't decide yet on getting a custom frame or not...

    Where did you get yours? Ikea?

  • I got mine last week (Norway). :)

  • Mine arrived today. Canada

  • We got ours today, in Melbourne, Australia. its beautiful, the paper is gorgeous

  • Got mine today, Tasmania, Australia.
    Art work is awesome. Love it. I'm taking all three to the framers tomorrow.
    Must admit, the super heavy paper looks to have worked against it a bit. It looks like it was a struggle to get into the postage tube. Mine has a crease which looks to have come from the paper just not wanting to take such a tight radius curve.
    It's all good, it'll flatten out and frame up just fine.

    Hopefully the apollo project poster turns up soon too.
  • @Nilstim: Indeed i got mine at Ikea and had to widen the cutout by 6cm.
    Also thought about getting it framed but i found myself at Ikea over the weekend, hence...

  • That looks great!

    Does anyone know, if I renew my subscription, do I still receive the new poster?

  • I never got any posters....

  • Have not received this years "Elevation of Bear", live in New England USA.

  • @elddinn: Try and make sure you have your current address listed in your profile settings.

  • I didn't receive my poster yet and could not get to the "" it just brought up the regular website...any other ideas?

  • @TuDawgs: is an email address, not a support-section on the website. Send them an email explaining that you have not got the poster and include your mailing address and username.

  • Thank you Kim_5, have sent email to "support@tested".

  • Got a fast reply...They said that it was sent out...couldn't trace it resent it...should be here shortly...

  • @TuDawgs: That is good news :)

  • Haven't got mine yet but then again I only got my premium membership on the 20th of November
  • Haven't got mine yet but then again I only got my premium membership on the 20th of November
  • Does anyone know how big the poster is? I want to buy a frame, but left the poster at my parents house.

  • I almost thought it was not coming, but then it arrived today :) It looks amazing.

    Now to find a frame.

  • Just got mine, all the way down in Australia.

  • Arrived yesterday in Toronto

  • got mine today in Perth, western Australia but I didn't get the other two for some reason been a member both times during the poster runs but nothing.