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Created by will on Feb. 20, 2015, 7:48 p.m.
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  • I realized it automatically installs what I need for Melton's script, so I answered my own question on that. I still have some other questions, though. I'm a noob on this. How do I edit the parameters? If I want to make it output as a MP4, is that possible? If I want to lock in the stereo audio track vice surround, how do I do that? etc., etc., etc.

  • @wvc: You would need to change the file to change the actually settings it is using. Its been quite I while since I messed with all this, so need to look over all of it again. Honestly just been waiting for FreeNAS 10 to come through, with docker support, so I can just redo the whole thing in docker and clean it all up.

  • @Bedon292: Testing - the website hasn't been letting me reply - so this is only a test. . .

  • Testing a post without replying . . . this is only a test.

  • So - it wouldn't let me reply. Then it did let me reply. Now it won't let me reply. But I can post without replying.

    This forum needs an exorcism.

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  • Howdy. I've been using the transcoder for a while now, but recently stopped it to restart the PC (Windows update). Now, I can't get it to work. I've deleted the virtual machine and pulled everything all over again from scratch (git clone) and restarted with vagrant up, but when I put a file in the "Input" folder it sits there for a bit and then just goes straight to "Completed-Originals". It never goes to Work or Output. There seems to be an error with Handbrake CLI. The Transcoder Log says:

    Transcoding failed for input. Can't determine HandBrakeCLI version

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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