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Created by will on Feb. 20, 2015, 7:48 p.m.
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  • Thanks for the reply, I figured out where to edit the script to create an m4v so that helped to eliminate a step. Haven't tested all of them on the iPad through the regular video app yet, but the few that I have tested have audio! Plex is nice to be able to select the audio tracks, but I'm not getting the subtitle options (foreign language subtitles DO work though). Once I have a chance to test it all out, I'll post again with an update.

  • @bdrob16: It has been a while since I used the original version, I have my own fork I use. I believe the original version which is linked to here, burns in forced subtitles, and gets rid of the rest. My fork passes through all audio and subtitles. If you have interest in that you might want to check it out.

  • Bedon292 When you say your fork do you mean your docker container ?

  • I'm looking into making my own docker fork of it, im new to bash scripting and programming in general

  • @MrCoe1989: I mean my fork of the code on github. Runs the same way as the original, just treats the subs differently. That fork is what I installed in the docker container though. Depending on which way you want to use it which one you want to use.

  • Is there anyway to alter the code ? or any instructions as to how i can build my own fork ?

  • I've finally started the process of ripping and encoding my Blurays, and using the Tested Transcoder VM to do the encoding. After struggling to get the VM working (for some reason, it always prompted me for a password -- some digging found that Vagrant-created VMs use username/password vagrant/vagrant and that worked and got it running, FYI), I've now processed a few movies through it.

    So far it works really well, but there's something really, really weird with the output, which is the variance in file size. Some movies (Mad Max Fury Road, John Wick, Event Horizon, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation) come in at between 3.5-5GBs or so. But others (Fast & Furious 6 and 7, Kingsman) come in at 9.8-11GBs. That's a huge variance in file size, and I can't figure out what the hell the difference is that would cause those encodes to be so large.

    Any ideas?

  • I am trying to get this to work on Windows server 2012 R2 and I am a complete noob. I get the machine in load and run but it won't create the media folders. Any help would be great!
  • Hi, Transcoder doesn't seem to recognise the Blu-ray ISO but does recognise a DVD iso? Also if I rip a Blu-ray to MKV Transcoder doesnt recognise the 7.1 DTS audio track, it skips it completely. It does however recognise the 5.1 track without issue? Is there anyway i can change the configuration of Transcoder to recognise the Iso file and identify the 7.1 audio track?

  • @ArmaExSanctus: Been a while since I checked on this thread, but that is normal. Different movies compress differently. Unlike some methods of compression that aim to make everything the same side, this aims to make everything the same (highest possible) quality. Which will depend on a huge number of factors. The big one is actually sound. If you have a bunch of different sound tracks going through it will be bigger. For example, if there is a commentary track, or in the case of Anime, English and Japanese audio. It all adds up. Or higher quality surround like DTS or whatever.

  • I didn't actually rip my movies with 7.1 even though I should have to future proof them. I believe that is a problem with handbrake not supporting TrueHD but I think it should support DTS-MA 7.1 you will probably need to look into handbrake for the issue though. The scripts can only do what handbreak allows. Now if hanbrake does allow it (you can install it manually and check) then I can look into the script and see what is up.

  • I've noticed that the original scripts have become depreciated is there a way to update those scripts ?

  • @MrCoe1989 said:

    I've noticed that the original scripts have become depreciated is there a way to update those scripts ?

    Which scripts are you referring too? I am actually working on ripping a bunch of DVDs now, so I wouldn't mind looking at them. But mine is chugging along fine.

  • The don melton scripts that were used originally have become depreciated, they still work fine i just thought id give you a heads up that theres an update to them :)

  • Yeah, I see that now. I bet I could update them to use that. It shouldn't be a major change to the actual code. Its further than I have dug into it before, but looks reasonable. The usage of the scripts looks the same as it was, basically just changing the name.

    Might actually give me an excuse to rewrite some of it, and be a bit more flexible. I would love for it to install from a shell script in linux, work in vagrant, and work in docker all under the same copy of the script. But it does need a few tweaks.

  • Please keep me updated, if i knew enough about docker id put one together myself haha :)

  • Good luck for all !

  • Hey! Don Melton has depreciated his BASH scripts and moved to RUBY.

    The good news with this (for me anyway) is they work seamlessly in Windows!

    Now that they are in a format I have at least a slight familiarity with, maybe I can make certain family members happy by setting them up with a point and click transcoder!

  • And then MS goes and announces that BASH is getting (close to) native support in the next release.....

  • Still struggling with getting a working setup of this on freenas 9.10.

    Just doesn't seem to want to play ball as the phpvirtualbox templates are so damn old. trying to install vagrant breaks everything as it ends up trying to update everything else in the jail at the same time, breaking the webui for vbox.

    *scratches head*

  • Very VERY dirty way of doing it but finally got it running in an ubuntu 16.04 VM.

    Roll on freenas 10 and the apparently built in docker functionality


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  • @Bedon292: Howdy - I'm finally at a place where I'm going to try and implement this system, but I'm not sure which path to take. Use the Tested Transcoder version, or invest my time and effort into Don Melton's updated Ruby transcoder. Is there a significant difference (i.e. improvement) with the new transcoder scripts over the originals?

  • @Bedon292: I've also thought of another very dumb question. In using this Tested transcoder script, I have to have all of Don Melton's required software installed, correct? He lists:







    I'm hunting them down, but I've had the darndest time trying to install HandBrakCLI.

  • I realized it automatically installs what I need for Melton's script, so I answered my own question on that. I still have some other questions, though. I'm a noob on this. How do I edit the parameters? If I want to make it output as a MP4, is that possible? If I want to lock in the stereo audio track vice surround, how do I do that? etc., etc., etc.

  • @wvc: You would need to change the file to change the actually settings it is using. Its been quite I while since I messed with all this, so need to look over all of it again. Honestly just been waiting for FreeNAS 10 to come through, with docker support, so I can just redo the whole thing in docker and clean it all up.

  • @Bedon292: Testing - the website hasn't been letting me reply - so this is only a test. . .

  • Testing a post without replying . . . this is only a test.