Request for Feedback: Spam, possible solutions, and a bit about you

Created by will on Jan. 15, 2015, 12:02 p.m.
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  • @JustinLipper: Hi Justin, Will doesn't work at Tested any more, so @-replying him probably doesn't do much ;)

    Sadly, while it is a good idea, an upvote system is unlikely as that means restructuring the entire forum solution, when they don't have the resources to make regularly scheduled basic fixes to core functionality or even bugs that arise with new browsers, such as @-replies themselves.

  • Forums have been successfully combating spam since the first days of the internet. It would be really nice to hear someone in a position of some power say that they recognize that this is still a problem here. @ladyjade414 I 2nd you on that. I'd happily help in the clean up efforts.

  • I would just be happy if I could actually see the "Premium" Content I paid for in The browser that is my everyday workhorse, FireFox. How about it, Tested?

  • so it turns out support did reply to my Forum entry about me not seeing premium content, but it looks like I also do not get any emails from tested and I can´t see any new response alerts here on the site or something like that, so I go to delete my puplic post about support not getting back to me to avoid foot in mouth disease, but I can´t edit any of my posts now. Anything else while we re at it? I hope y´all are having a really swell Monday.

  • @diakinesis: The forum software is custom and has no effective way to combat real people registering accounts and posting nonsense ads. It has gotten a lot better, but it is time consuming to enact new measures due to the terrible infrastructure this site was originally built on and the lack of resources (Tested has no dedicated developers and all their technical support staff are in LA, whilst HQ is in San Francisco). Volunteer mods are unlikely to happen, members have offered to volunteer several times over the last couple of years since the last active mods (not paid support) left. The problem is that the forum software does not have granular mod-tools, which means you are either a member or a full-on admin, and the Tested team is understandably unwilling to hand over the master-keys to regular members.

    @bbwolf: The edit function only works for the first 15 minutes after an initial post. If you wish to delete a thread or reply, you'll have to ask support. It is my impression that these issues are mostly intentional.

  • @kim_a thanks for clearing that up. I must say, now that I am actively participating here, I m a bit taken aback by the ..... I don´t know, the "Premium" and the Forum experience from Tested? Judging from the Videos and all that geeky content I kinda exptected the forum and support structure to be up to snuff. I m a bit disappointed I must say. Pages full of ads for putting a curse on my ex? sure, sign me the fuck up. Let´s wave a dead chicken above the Servers to defrag the harddrives while we re at it.

  • @bbwolf: I think the latest site-wide update was in 2014, since then it has only been sporadic bug-fixes and a new Premium video-player (again, using needlessly custom solutions that lacked basic features for several months).

    They are a small crew and all of them focused on content, not running the site. Tested's parent company isn't doing their share of the lifting to make sure the technical framework is good enough, probably because so much of the sites userbase solely consume content through Youtube. Things picked up once Adam was done with Mythbusters and began dedicating more resources to the project, but there is a long way to go.

    At least they have an active support-presence on the site now, they didn't for the first five years I spent on here. You'd just fire emails off and hope for the best. :p

  • @kim_a: wow, like the internet dark ages of 2003. thats part of the problem aye? Easy to have a shiney new palace just by looks alone on the web. I must say, it is easier to enjoy via youtube. To see old premium videos, one has to click backwards through the gallery. unless one knows what to search for. Which one can´t because one signed up for the new unknown content, aye?

    So my Feedback for that, better sorted Videos for Premium Content please.

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  • i need help, i'm trying to start a post, it allowed me to start a thread but i cant actually post anything! it keeps telling me "an error occurred while posting your comment... help!