Request for Feedback: Spam, possible solutions, and a bit about you

Created by will on Jan. 15, 2015, 12:02 p.m.
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  • I just posted on one of the other stickys about there being no content in the post...

    That's actually true of all of the stickies. Is it just that Will's posts were all erased, so now we have a weird data vacuum? I don't normally subscribe to broken windows policing, but this is a bad look that I don't think is helping engender a feeling of community on the forums...

  • Another Idea: If we aren't going to get more mods, is it feasible to hide any flagged posts? Or at least any posts that have been flagged by multiple users? Or flagged by Trusted, or premium, users? I flagged like 5 posts 5-6 hours ago and they are all still sitting there. If they get hidden once flagged, until deemed OK, it would cut down on how many views they got, making it potentially not worth the spammers time as much.

    Just a thought.

  • Is it petty to want to cancel my premium membership because of this forum/spam issue? I think i am done but it also seems a pointless gesture since it seems no one in power would even notice.

  • I can't even figure out how to "at" this to Norm or anyone. Again, I am forced to ask, after leaving messages about the major stickies being blank posts with no response... are there mods? is anybody here who looks at anything other than flagged posts? Should we flag these posts so someone pays attention? Should tested just make an official reddit page and we shutter this in deference to that? This whole thing is really disappointing. As someone who really wants to step my maker-game up, I was looking forward to the community that you start to see in the video comments. This wild-west forum situation really sucks.

  • @John Nanci: Just sent this e-mail to Support:

    Please. Someone look at them. There is a wave of spam every 6 hours. There are no responses to requests for assistance or aid in improving these. ALL 4 of the stickied posts have been blank for at least the last week, maybe far longer.

    Some people are members of this site in part because they were looking for a community like that seen in video comments. it can't be found because of the wild-west in the forums. Myself and a couple others are trying to activate the space, but when spam posts stay up for days and days after being flagged, there is a problem. Someone just posted they may cancel their membership the forums leave such a bad taste in their mouth (which I mention because they rightly have no reason to believe anyone from the site will see the post as it isn't spam)

    I'd love to refill out my survey (which was also broken) to say that you need to fix this website. Unstaffed forums, videos and podcasts being sorted only if it if they fall into one of 8 or so programs, 2-3 of which no longer exist, no sorting of premium content at all by topic. Please. We want to use the site more. This is actively making it difficult.

  • @FJVarro Thanks for trying. Any response from them?

  • Just here to say hi. I just got a tested membership as a Christmas gift from my wife :)

    Looking forward to the perks!

  • @John Nanci: Yeah, got a really good response actually. Don't know how much they might want me blabbing on here, but basically they know it's an issue, but they know the site overall is an issue too (links to dead shows, etc). So they need to prioritize so the forums are gonna be back burner for a bit since they aren't super popular, which I totally get. But they do have plans for some significant changes that it seems like are a lot of what people are asking for, so it's looking up.

  • @FJVarro: Which is all very well but TBH not really good enough. If the forum is really that little of a priority and is such an open goal for spammers (the answer to these questions would appear to be yes on both fronts) then they should be taken off line.