Request for Feedback: Spam, possible solutions, and a bit about you

Created by will on Jan. 15, 2015, 12:02 p.m.
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  • Shame to see there is still spam everywhere

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  • Best practice would be to use captcha fields.

  • @NetLord: According to the Tested staff, most of the current spam is posted by real humans, so captchas wouldn't stop it.

  • Is it a coincidence that the remaining spam, on a website dedicated to a lot of geek-culture, is all about skin-care? :p

  • I'm amazed that some entity lucky enough to be born in this universe could waste their existence creating the asinine futile spam that exists on these forums.

  • wow, this thread started a year ago and the spam is still spreading like wildfire

  • How about blocking URLs in the title for starters?

  • @Lasz: It used to be 50+ pages of spam a day, at least now it is a page every couple of days.

  • @kim_a said:

    @Lasz: It used to be 50+ pages of spam a day, at least now it is a page every couple of days.

    Maybe it's simply due to much slower general traffic, spammers don't see it as worth of much effort anymore!? o,O

  • @JamesGoblin: The forums haven't seen much activity in years. I think they used to be relatively busy back when Tested was part of Whiskey Media, but have been fairly slow since the site relaunched in 2012.

  • @kim_a Yep I noticed. I might (or might not) help by posting here and there from time to time, can't do much more than that.

  • I personally would love to use these forums more, but there is so much spam...and this article was created over a year ago...and it is still terrible .

  • Soooo... Any news on the spam situation? I've been using forums in one form or another for 15 years and never seen anything this bad. It seems a real shame that the tested forum isn't used more. spam must be a big contributor to that.
  • I dont know if lithium technologies maybe a option for this site, We use them on our site.

  • Wow, I had no idea how bad the spam situation still was. I've been coming to the site for a long time, and finally felt comfortable enough with my abilities to jump in and start participating, and it's incredibly disappointing to see that the participating community is a ghost town. Where does the Maker community hang out? i guess the RPF?

  • does this forum just not have any mods? or prevention against robots making accounts? can you maybe ask admins in other forums how they combat spam? it really shouldn't be this bad.

  • @everfalling: The dedicated mods quit because the forum-software lacked proper tools for them to do their job. Most forums have well made tools for combating spam, this one does not, and being a custom built solution with no support they can't just install a new, better version. Moderation is now done by the Tested-staff whenever they find the time.

  • @kim_a: i gotta wonder why they don't just ditch whatever this is and use something more tried and true? Sure you'll lose the old posts but you'll gain so much more in functionality.

  • @everfalling: Whalerock which owns the site doesn't even have the tech resources to land Tested for adding a volume-button to the Premium video-player. I fear the resources for replacing the comment infrastructure will never come as long as they own the site.

  • I don't think limiting to paying members will solve anything, but I like the post limit idea and get people to really post first. Why does tested keep trying to have a forum if it is unusable due to spam?

  • Or how about giving the 'flag post'/'flag topic' more teeth? so if more than, say, 5 paying members flag something it gets taken down automatically?

  • Oh well... I come here about once a year and it's always the same old thing...

    Why don't they just start fresh with something like SMF.

    They use it at many forums I'm into and it just works. No spam.

  • How about some anti-spam.

    It's free for fk sake.

  • so, my semi-rhetorical question is this.

    What is so damn appealing about this forum that actually live people are putting out so much effort into spamming it?

    From all indicators by the staff here live humans are creating accounts, vetting through the spambot checks and spamming the forum daily.

    WHY? I would understand a bot or script doing it, but that is a shit ton of effort.....for no reason that I see.

  • "We Miss You Already"

    Seriously, I did cancel the auto-renewal because I have watched hardly any premium content and I have not that much money to keep all subscriptions alive. Sending an email like that immeaditly after I cancel isn't nice and won't make me want to resubcribe. I would understand the email close to actual end date, but there is still few months to that. The only reason I did cancel was that I don't currently want to automatically renew subscriptions. I don't mind funding your site when I'm actually using it. I have currently even skipped most of the free stuff, because I don't have time and intrest to most of it.

    That "emotianal blackmail" is just a lame thing to do.

  • @firebird: I like your idea. Premium members are invested in the site and want it to be useful and fun for everyone.

  • If the Tested team wants a mod that could go though and delete all the spam posts I would happily volunteer, if they would allow it to be done remotely...
    The spam really has made it difficult to use the forum, am I really have enjoyed the forums.

  • @will: PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE IT ( I am a premium member)... Look at how apps like 9gag and stack overflow work. Let us filter the content by giving us "like" and "dislike" options. The more likes a post has the more chance it has of being seen. Of course, you can have different categories like "fresh" (posts that are new that do not have a lot of attention), and "trending" (very popular posts), that we can visit, depending on what we want to view..... So maybe, some sort of Filter system, would be affective?