New captain disillusion video!

Created by Rallier on Oct. 19, 2014, 4:29 a.m.
  • I really love this guy's work, it's a shame that he does not post videos more often but I can only assume that what he makes is pretty labour intensive and that he has other things to do as well.

    He isn't really getting the number of views he deserves in my opinion, but that's the fickle nature of Youtube for you.

  • Damn, the production value on those videos is high, I had never seen them. I must admit that this one is quite obvious, I can't possible believe anyone thinking it was real? This one I found a lot more interesting:

    I guess he just doesn't have many views or subscribers because indeed, he barely posts stuff. Last video was 11 months ago (if you don't count the 3 minute quick webcam session on April 1st).

  • That was entertaining. I ended up watching all of his videos.

  • @General Desire: He had a long spree initially where is was pretty regular but all the sudden it stopped. That'll kill a good part of your viewer base for sure.