Thank You (If you're a new user, this will probably be useful too)

Created by will on Sept. 24, 2013, 9:57 p.m.
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  • Hello, I just made an account to say- THANK YOU to everyone at Tested. Love what you guys are doing, and the amount of content you provide is unbelievable. It's beyond entertaining, and more importantly, extremely informative. You make me want to roll up my sleeves and get in there!

    Thanks again, I look forward to anything you're willing to share with us in the future!

    P.S. You guys have to coolest toy collection EVER. lol

  • @will: Just subscribed. I really enjoy untitled and look forward to what's ahead!

  • I just joined yesterday!

    I was looking into subscribe for weeks now, but the Adam's mechaglove print has settled it. can't wait to get it.

    Greeting from Belgium guys, and keep on testing

  • I've just recently joined too and I already feel like I've found a good place to hangout and share what makes me happy. The mix of hitech and lowtech that I see throughout the forum and the overriding sense of respect from other members and admin is to be commended. And now for some honesty...there is a little bit of fanboy in me as well and I will push myself in the hopes that I will one day get a "nice one" or some advice from some of the more well known members...laugh at me, I don't many other forums would give us the chance to get advice or critique from some of our heroes :) I've already had a few good chats on IRC, I've commented on some fantastic work and I've had some helpful and friendly comments on my own work. Big forums are always going to have some niggles and issues, but so far I have enjoyed my time here...and it's been less than a week. Thanks to you all, I hope to join the team of helpful and friendly people I have found so far.
  • Dear Denizens of Planet Tested,

    FYI, wearing Stormtrooper armor for too long can lead to serious crotch-rot, so be on the ready.

    Christ, what a start to this post.

    Anyway, my name is Kyle, and in the wake of Robin Williams' death and the Missouri tragedy, I have started a movement to bring more niceness into the world. The goal is as simple as that. Since seems willing to try things, I have an idea. Maybe we can help each other bring a little joy to others by way of experimentation. I'll mention this website on MY website. Kind of a "I'll be on your podcast if you'll be on mine" kind of thing. I will happily do these things, even if I never hear back from anyone.

    In exchange, for right now, I ask for one thing in return. Check out my website,, and see if it's something you'd be interested in supporting. There's not much there now, but if you spend 5 minutes, it will give you an idea of what I'm about.

    Maybe eventually, I might ask certain scientists/celebrities who shall remain nameless to wear a t-shirt with my logo as they walk about their day.

    Please let me know.

    Have a nice day!

  • @will: Ahh Will! Silver tounged indeed.

    Actually I have just joined after avidly reading the website since a friend of mine introduced it to me about 6 months ago.

    Got the privilege to see Adam and Jaime live in Sydney last night and that just gave me further inspiration to dig even deeper into tested, join and continue my 'creative journey'.

    So, simply, thanks for creating a space where like minded testers, inventors, makers, artists and everything in between can collectively appreciate, geek out and just learn!



  • Just a few weeks ago I subscribed as a premium user to be sure I did not miss any content. I knew I had found the right place to become a member when a couple of the veteran forum members welcomed me. That was refreshing and honestly most forums become a soap box for a minor majority to tout there importance (hence why I have never followed or let alone joined any other websites' premium membership or posted to their forums). But I do feel welcomed and really do enjoy what I see (videos) as well as read (forums) even though I may post very little or not at all at times (nothing against the website or forum...I am a graphic designer and spend way too much time on the computer to begin with so its hard to really dive in and post on the forum...though I like to read the other posts and listen to the pod casts while working). Anyhow love the site and really looking forward to receiving the Adam Savage poster (when are we to expect the Hell Boy glove poster/print? Just curious).

  • @will:  I'm only new here, and it's the only forum I participate in. I have been lurking for quite a while to see how people treated each other. Life is complicated and tough enough without having strangers attack me because I said something dumb. So thank you, Will, Norm, Dave, Jeremy, Gina, Veronica, Gary, and all the other guest for setting the bar high and for creating an environment that supports people being decent to each other.
  • Tested is pretty,and nice post.....

  • Hi tested family. I am a huge fan of your podcast and youtube videos and am so happy to follow your site.

    Thank you for bringing me joy daily

  • Thanks Will, your not to shabby your self bud.

  • @will the reason why I decided to become a premium member on Tested is because the Podcast, Videos and Forum has been a very stand up place to learn new things in a way that doesn't make me feel stupid right out of the gate. I don't comment on articles or post to the forum very often but I will be more active because the user base is the salt of the Internet earth, full of helpful and friendly people that are encouraging to others.

    It's refreshing that there is a supportive website like Tested in a sea of websites where folks start fights and argue. So thanks to the staff and all of the site members for shaping Tested into a safe place for Makers, Nerds and Geeks.

  • Thanks!

  • Just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for the awesome entertainment, news, everyday blabber about everyday typical things. Been a fan for a long time and only now I'm joining the site. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Thanks for these information.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm new to this forum but watching Tested extensively. Premium recently. Just want to ask if here is any topic where you can write a few sentences about you, your work, what you do and so on? I'm sure that there are many great and intresting people here. And I can't see "Say Hello" topic here (Or I'm missing something ? ).



  • Just a lot of folks with common sense, that's what keeps these forums the best. Even in disagreements everybody stays nice and decent. Thanks everyone

  • This is a lot like the first forum I ever joined, (OC Forums) back when I needed to build a new PC. It seems very civil. I plan on participating.(2nd Post)

    Thanks to the whole crew and the behind the scenes crew.

  • I've seen a dramatic shift in the YouTube comments. Years ago, even the TestedCom YouTube account would make snide remarks and responses to comments. Then, the comments were a bad place. It's not anymore. I've noticed that depending on the type of person who runs the channel, YouTube comments can be really disgusting, or really amazing. We mirror a lot of the energy that the creator gives off.

    It genuinely makes me feel bad when you guys talk about us in the comments as bad people. I don't think even the negative comments comes from a bad place. The type of people who watch your videos aren't the types of people who want to be negative. Garbage in, garbage out. If there's a thread of negativity, and that lingers in somebody's heart until they finish the video, they're going to make a negative comment.

    Thank you for bringing positive change to this community -- I've been lurking for such a long time, and I finally feel like the community is positive enough to participate in.

  • @will: hi will im new and when I signed up for premium I missed the part about adams poster which would be great in the man cave. im in newzealand though. .is this an issue or? many thanks. g stevenson

  • @thegazbot If you signed up between June 1st and August 30th, you will automatically get the poster, just make sure you have the correct address in your profile settings. They ship internationally for no extra cost.

  • Hello everyone just thought I'd post to say hi from the UK! I'm a new member, have been watching Mythbusters forever but only recently discovered Tested. Where have I been all these years!? Brilliant site and YouTube channel, awesome hosts and amazing content. I was so impressed I've made it my mission to watch every video and I've subscribed to the premium for extra goodies! Thanks for having me along, keep up the good work. (Looking forward to the poster too!)
  • Hello everyone - I'm Joe. I just thought I would post here first as I've just joined. I'm loving all of the Tested content. I've only recently had the time to get into watching things in any quantity. I guess I watched the odd video over the past few years but wasn't sure it was a regular show or not. I'm also a big MythBuster fan for many years - and have to admit Adam is probably the person I'd most want to meet and shake hands with. Such a brilliant and likeable guy. Definitely looking forward to seeing Tested evolve and getting more involved on the forum. Thanks to Will and Norm especially for making this site/community!

  • Just a quick question from a new forum user. Are we allowed to create topics if we're a non-premium member? I tried to create one but it doesn't seem to have been posted, and I don't want to double post. Is there a waiting period? I've read the forum rules and I know spam has been an issue but I can't seem to find an answer. Thanks for any help.

  • I think you guys are doing a wonderful job with Tested and keeping it's community happy (I know you guys have kept me happy since you guys first started this website back in 2010.) Keep up the good work and remember, Always Be Testing. crazy mass

  • I'm a Brit over here in merry old Engerland and found tested about 6 moths ago. Finally signed up to the premium and am very glad I did. I very much enjoy all the content and civilised chat and conversation about the myriad of topics. Although not massively creative myself I have huge respect for those guys that are and love seeing photos and videos of the different projects and creations. Keep up the good work guys. You make the Internet a better place to be.

  • I found Tested two days ago in January 2016.

    I'm oldish (inside I am still 17) and not really into fantasy and comics or collecting copies of movie props but I sense a spirit that I thought was gone in my humble existence - one of sharing, from technique, tips tools and from hands on to 'show and tell' I have been facinated by the site. I thought I was alone in having a garage (actually two garages) with metal lathes (only 3 lathes) tig (like Mr. Savage I have one but not the skill to use it properly yet..) mig and gas welding, grinders, milling, vices tools riveters soldering irons etc etc and yet here are these unknown others who know about this stuff who don't mind showing it off, giving straight talking value opinions, or pointing me at complicated stuff I wondered about but didn't understand. I was wondering 'where's the catch? What are they trying to sell me?' Nothing apparently. Just friends I will never meet who can tell me without being asked - 'these are crap, but these other ones are really good.' How cool is that? And they are polite and civil with it. Wonderful.

    After I watched the video of Mr. Savage emptying his pockets, I emptied mine. Wallet, check. Swiss army knife (the big one) check; keys with Swisstech screwdriver that looks like a key, check; iphone 5, check; flashlight check. Gotta be AA or AAA batteries check.

    It was a little spooky. I seem to have a lot more to watch, so please keep up the good work. Until a couple of days ago I thought I was 'Billy No-Mates'.

  • @heroslime said:

    I believe there is a direct correlation between decency and intelligence.
    It really shows on these forums.
  • Why can't I post new threads? even though I have a premium membership?

  • I've drunk the Kool Aid and paid up.

    I'm 52. Last of the Baby Boomers.
    My "happening" period was in the late 1980's- early 90's with the Amiga computers. 20 guys in a basement staying up all night eating pizza, rendering, drawing and recording. It was new and it was a blast.
    I missed those times.
    A couple of years ago, some workmates told me about their Cosplay interests. That planted a seed.I've been looking for a new career and returning to using my hands, making things for other people.
    It would of been about 9 months ago, I discovered Tested whilst rummaging around YT for vids on making props for Cosplay etc.
    Tested has been at the top of my Firefox browser ever since.

    Everyone knows it, and it bears repeating. Adam's insatiable enthusiasm is like something in the water. When you become aware, it's too late. You're hooked. In fact, since tuning into Tested every day, I have started looking at making other things well outside my wheelhouse.
    I've been a maker since a kid. I was a jeweller for 20 years. Machinist, benchfitter, turner, welder... faux rock maker, model railroader and recently custom quad skate maker-namely, mounting some Converse sneakers to skate plates.

    Thanks team.

    You're never too old. For me, it's the "Second Happening". ;-)