In-depth review too in-depth?

Created by Sonowake on Feb. 13, 2013, 9:44 a.m.
  • I dont know about everyone else but i just find the in depth reviews really boring in video form, before i go on i'll say that i have haven't watched the NEX-5R video, but having seen that it's over 25 minutes in length makes me REALLY not want to watch it. that length of time seems excessive for a single camera, maybe if it was a comparison between a different camera (not another sony NEX) like the panasonic and olympus mirrorless cameras.

    I'm also tired of hearing about the sony NEX cameras, i know there'll be new people coming to the site who will be interested, but between podcasts and other coverage the NEX rules to the point where i would believe any other camera review would be biased towards the sony NEX.

    Just to say i love cameras, i am a hobbyist photographer, with slr (film) and a mirrorless (GH2, EP1) and several lenses and flashes, so this topic does interest me.

    just my opinion and if others feel the same.

  • I actually like the longer coverage. But i do download it from youtube and watch it on a regular lcd.

  • I like the longer videos, and I believe they ended up being a great chunk of content.

    However, I will agree that it seem like there is a lot of focus on the NEX cameras, and while I enjoy hearing about them I would like to see more variety. I use several different cameras from Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Panonsonic, etc... and I would love to hear more thoughts about other brands.

    Also, I certainly will be purchasing a NEX when I get a mirrorless camera and a lot of that has to do with what I've learned about them from Will and Norm.

  • @bjpe89: The NEX range are great, though it's worth having a look at their lens selection before going in,i believe they're still lacking in that department. and third party support is almost non-existant.

  • @Sonowake I'm okay with not having a large lens selection as I really just want it with the 18-55mm. If I am doing something where I have a specific need I'll grab my Nikon and lenses.

  • @will: I run a production company in Scotland and we do a lot of digital filmmaking with old lenses thanks to the adaptors that are available. Such a great way to get loads of different looks on a budget. I highly recommend checking out Canon FD lenses if you're enjoying messing around with manual control!

  • I'm glad their spending the time to do these in-depth videos even if I don't have time to watch all of them. I'd really like to see some time spent on the lower tier DSLRs like the 6D next.

  • @will: @Lashe I have a set of Canon FD lenses with an adaptor for m4/3 and i love it, but manual focus does take some time to get used to, and i will say.....Auto focus is super under appreciated not matter how slow it is lol

  • @Sonowake: Yeah definitely. I think if you're used to Auto it's hard to go back. In all of our filmmaking, we're 100% manual, so I'm pretty used to getting a feel for an environment and knowing what settings I want quickly. Not the most ideal in a point-and-shoot scenario for sure though!

  • @Lashe: Actually for filming i always go for manual, but when it comes to taking photos, autofocus all the way