Created by Rallier on Feb. 10, 2013, 5:05 a.m.
  • https://flattr.com/

    Watching the Piratebay documentary "TPB AFK" Peter Sunder one of the sit's co-founder mentions a new project he is working on called Flattr.

    It's a pretty nifty concept. The user puts a certain amount of money in an account every month and when he/she sees something the he/she likes, click the flattr button, and at the end of the month the money put in the account gets divided among the sites where the user clicked the button.

    @will@norman It probably has not all that many people using it at the moment but would it perhaps be an idea to add it on Tested?

  • I think will and norm said that they don't want donations, that they're not hard up for cash, and that they'll do a premium level account when they can offer enough worthwhile premium content.

    I think I recall a service like this existing before. It had issues, because there wasn't a lot of adoption, and if people didn't collect their cash, the company kept it for themselves. Flattr seems to have solved that issue... but I'm not sure how it's better than a donate button.

  • @Conmused: I guess simply the ease of use that differentiates it from a traditional donation.

    Adoption is probably the biggest probkel that flattr will have to deal with as well.