Does anyone else find it ironic that this is "Jamie and Adam Tested"?

Created by big_jon on Feb. 7, 2013, 7:30 p.m.
  • I mean the content that I consume, and even what I see in general on the site, the vast majority of it is from Will, Norm, and even Wesley at this point. I just think it is strange that this site is supposed to be Jamie and Adam's yet I rarely see them, much less so with Adam, he is around , and I enjoy he insight, but Jamie? I mean I have seen very few articles by him, and even less video content.

    I will admit that when the sight switched over I was very doom and gloom about it, though it has turned out pretty solid.

    However, I just think it is an odd disconnect. Am I alone in these thoughts?

  • I also found it odd from a major lack of Jamie. I love Adams podcast, and it would be nice to get to know Jamie like we have Adam.

    But honestly, it's the name cache Jamie and Adam have. Having there names on their potential bring in more readership.

    Frankly, I do t mind it anymore. I'm just happy that the new corporate overlords have made the site better.
  • I'm... dealing with it lol. One thing that still annoys me though are the videos, where it says Jamie & Adam tested.. and then they aren't even in the video. When Will and Norm have to introduce themselves as being from Jamie and Adam tested, it irks me lol. I accept that they have (or at least Will has) publicly stated that it is all well and good but that doesn't me I, personally, have to think it's cool of the powers that be to do it. It's not like it would be all that hard to give them a Will & Norm Tested title card... ;). They do it for Jamie and Adam, so why not throw Will and Norm a bone--at least on the videos that they do. Anyway, I digress heh.

    *emphasis mine.

    PS I just feel like they are not getting the credit and recognition that they deserve. I get that tying famous faces to the site, at least potentially, is good marketing but still. But yeah, oh well, so long as Will and Norm are okay with it I'll just live with it. Long live Tested in all its forms!

  • The only thing that bugs me is that Jamie and Adam Tested sounds really awkward.

  • It bugs me as well, but the benefits of having their names attached overcomes any negatives to it. I have numerous friends who never happened across this site, and since the takeover they've happened across it because of Jamie and Adam. I'm sort of getting the feeling that this is something that Adam really wanted to do, but Jamie wasn't too interested in. He gave it a couple tries and then moved on to other things. I've never met the man, so what do I know. In the end, I'm just happy that I can rest assured knowing has some serious backing and greater reach/ability now.

  • It could be that there is not alot of time because of the show. They mentioned several times that they have a pretty aggressive filming schedule plus all the projects they do.

  • Considering all the FUD when this whole new direction started, if all we have to gripe about is the name and lack of Jamie then it's going exceptionally well
  • Branding it in this way likely pulls in a great deal of additional traffic that would not be there without. I do think Will and Norm should be up there on the logo along with them for sure, though.

  • I was really negative in the beginning but the site has been great since the site re-relaunch. the content has been great seeing how under small a team it is at Tested.:)

  • Marketing. It sucks I know.

    @TheSouthernDandy: I agree with you and would argue that the highs are higher now than they used to be (Paper Air Plane Guy, New York trip, Flying Car, etc) but I also feel like they are farther apart. I know, I know, they are only 2 guys, but at least before you had dumb stuff to entertain you between the serious stuff.

    I've argued this many times and Will is probably tired of hearing it but I still don't like that a big part of the site is reposting links/Youtube videos/articles. If I click on "videos" on I want Tested videos with Norm and Will, not random Youtube videos.

    Overall though I feel like the site is still pretty awesome, now we just need Gary back full-time on the podcast!

  • @will: Ha! I never noticed that before. My favorite is the block characters of all four of you. Keeping it that way. :D

  • I don't mind, as the content we get from Will and Norm is great, as it always has been.

    From the other side though, someone that comes to this website expecting loads of Jamie and Adam is probably going to thik. "This isn't Jamie and Adam! Well that one MIGHT be Adam but I'm sure Jamie looks way less Asian on Mythbusters!"

  • I find the Jamie part lacking. But, Adam's content has been awesome. And I'll still tune in for Will, Norm, and Gary, no matter what name is on the site.

  • Yeah, I ain't gonna lie, I think it's really shitty and sells extremely short the original personalities of this site who made it what it is and continue to expand it. Still love Tested though!

  • Sorry, who's this Jamie guy people keep talking about....

    Seriously, since the takeover/re-branding fiasco the content has remained awesome. Some of the new stuff has been excellent, and Adam's workshop is by far my favourite feature now. It still irks me that Will & Norm have been sidelined in the process while still doing 99.9% of the work.

    Jamie has been a complete joke though, what have we had.. is it two videos now? Wow, really, nice of him to find the time.... no really!