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Created by stenchlord on Dec. 19, 2012, 5:09 a.m.
  • If Damasko made their DA46 Black in a version with a larger sized case (say something like 44-46MM), I would order one today.

    The smaller size is the only thing holding me back from picking one up. Why couldn't they make them bigger?

    I still love the look of these watches, though...

  • @stenchlord I went and tried on the AT4010 and was blown away by how light it was. It will definitely be a future purchase.

  • @WEB_War4: Excellent, can't wait till you go out and get it to show us all the purty pictures :D

  • I got bored so decided to make a ghetto lightbox.

    It didn't turn out too bad considering it was 20mins with a knife and some tape lol.

  • @stenchlord Turned out pretty good. I found some sites through the watchuseek forums selling Paneri homages. The one I like has the power reserve meter near the four o'clock position, but they didn't have sapphire crystals for that specific one. I won't really buy watches without sapphire after an incident years ago with a fossil I had. It had a domed mineral crystal and I sliced it right across a light pole walking down the street. Based off of earlier discussions, I'm guessing those Omegas are 'inspired'. What kind of crystals are on them, how long does the power reserve seem?

    Check out A Blog to Watch/Read. They have a lot of watch reviews on YouTube, some of them are even under $1k

  • The PAM homages are decent time pieces. As for sapphire crystal, they're good but I'd only recommend going for them if you're the type of person to scrape your watch against surfaces but despite this you will still see scratches in the anti-reflective coating. If however you're the type of person to bang your watch into things or drop it, then mineral will better suit you as the glass is likely to chip and not shatter like sapphire will.

    As for the crystals on my reps, they're all sapphire.

  • Got my New Citizen AT4010-50E in the other day. The lightness is rather odd compared to my big CK watch. I'm not too much of a fan for metal bands on account of them liking to shave arms, but I'll manage. The only problem I've run into is that my valet for all my pocket stuff is on my desk. Right near the monitors and the pc tower. Not compatible with the atomic radio timing. I had to put it far away from everything near the door to my room, on top of my original Game Boy. The lume is pretty awesome, it was still legible this morning when I woke up. The alarm on it isn't something that'll wake anybody up, but good for reminders while you're awake.

  • The watch on the left is a Clairborne waI got from JC Penny which is my everyday and I wear the Citizen Eco Drive for going on and dressing up

  • New addition to the family :D

  • This weeks watch is a leather strapped Komono.

  • Nice bling guys :D

    Really liking @WEB_War4:'s AT4010, I'd put in an order for one but I just ordered a couple watches lol.

    I just put in an order for an Omega Speedy Pro Moonwatch and a Breitling SuperOcean Abyss 44mm. Hopefully they're in stock, the AT4010 kinda looks like the Speedy Pro lol.

  • @stenchlord: Yeah, you see. I asked you for some "proof" that you actually owned all these watches because you seem strange. Haven't worn a watch in a long time, wears one for some reason again and now 5 months later you have spent a lot of money on watches. It's strange. You really jumped into watch collecting.

  • In for a penny, in for a pound.

  • @stenchlord said:

    In for a penny, in for a pound.

    Ah, you're one of those that tries something for the first time and has to have the best gear.

  • Pretty much lol.

  • :( SOA 44mm out of stock with no ETA..

    Sad panda :'(

  • Forgot to post when my Speedy Pro arrived...

    Movement in it is pretty impressive.

    Then put in an order for a Carrera Cal.16 and a PAM 186.

  • I saw some talk of Panerai Homages earlier, does anyone here own a Marina Militare? I was considering buying one myself, but i just wanted to hear what people think of them.

  • @JusticeJanitor: Holy crap, exact same watch as me. My parents got me it must be around 10-12 years ago now. Absolutely love this watch, it went a bit awry a few years back but I put it in for a service and it's been fantastic since. I've also got a nice Police watch for when I go on a night out. It's a lot thinner so ideal with a shirt.

    I did also have a G-Shock I got off ebay, turned out it was a fake seller so ebay cancelled the paypal transaction. Didn't matter if it was fake to me as I got it for free. Did the job when I didn't want to risk my Tissot. Think it packed in eventually though.

    At the moment I can't wear a watch as when I pick my newborn it can catch on her head.

  • @Ben_H: Ditto my previous post, same Tissot as myself. Get it properly serviced and a battery sealed correctly. It's worth the extra cash as like I said mine has lasted over a decade now.

    That G-shock is also similar to one I mentioned in my post.

    Good taste!

  • My watch is a Bavarian Crono watch modelled after the 1968/69 Beetle speedometer. I owned a yellow '68 for several years and when I saw this watch I knew I had to have it.

    Though I owed a '68 I bought the '69 model watch because the '68 is KMH. That model speedo was introduced in Euro a year earlier if I recall correctly. An American '68 Beetle would have the 1960's model speedo though my Beetle had the '69 style speedo so I had to buy the speedo that matched my car. A bit of info I'm sure most don't care to know haha.

  • @stenchlord: thanks thats something I never considered. Might or might not be worth it. Still expecting the watch to start going off timewise.

  • @gpbmike: Like you watch style... lovely !!

  • I browsed around amazon for a while and found this watch. It's about a $60 timex that is my every day watch. I tend to like aviator looking watches that aren't too big.

    I also use this as my dress up watch. Which is funny, it's super cheap and I get way more compliments on it constantly than my nicer timex.

  • This is the favourite watch I own. I was fortunate enough several years ago to get a sizeable bonus from work, and on vacation in the Caribbean found this watch at a dealer. I was enamoured from the start and splurged on the purchase. I don't wear it everyday, but I wear it often and love the look and feel of it. Of a more everyday wear, I was a pebble kickstarter backer and enjoy my original black pebble, although after today's announcement from Apple, I am intrigued about their smartwatch offer.

  • Here's an old daily carry drop that I shot a while ago. I still wear the Seiko diver on the leather NATO strap. The strap is a lot darker now from being worn every day, and looks good with the pepsi stile bezel.

    (also in image: old eddie bauer leather tri-fold wallet, moleskin notebook, buck "prince" knife, parker jotter pen, and a tanner goods natural veg tan cuff)

  • Two questions tomtakespictures. DId you make the leather nato strap? Is it a red and blue bezel?

  • I didn't make this one, but I've made a couple straps in the past. This one was made by my brother from a scrap of veg tan leather.

    The bezel is red and blue and very pretty.

    I love this watch because of its day AND date feature. I've got a homage submariner that I've modified a bit that I wear often, but it only shows the date.

  • OK its obviously a quality strap but not like a mass produced one. I have two but I want one that will let me display two time zones. One I have has a dial that allows me somewhat reference how many hours back i should count. I had another that had two faces on each side and could be flipped (interesting idea but it wasnt quality).

  • This is my automatic Invicta submariner homage. I knocked the cyclops off the glass and knocked the Invicta logo off of the dial to give it a more sterile look. I'd like to eventually grind the side that says "INVICTA" to really make it sterile, too.

    Recently, I made this 3 ring leather ZULU strap for it from veg tan leather. I wear this combo almost all of the time but I also have an arsenal of other 3 and 5 ring zulus for different looks. I like the diver look and it's rugged as hell. I fell off my bike wearing this watch once. My face looked pretty close to what this watch face looks like (scratched with road rash). Luckily, both the gears in the watch and between my ears are still moving.