Show us your watch!

Created by stenchlord on Dec. 19, 2012, 5:09 a.m.
  • OK its obviously a quality strap but not like a mass produced one. I have two but I want one that will let me display two time zones. One I have has a dial that allows me somewhat reference how many hours back i should count. I had another that had two faces on each side and could be flipped (interesting idea but it wasnt quality).

  • This is my automatic Invicta submariner homage. I knocked the cyclops off the glass and knocked the Invicta logo off of the dial to give it a more sterile look. I'd like to eventually grind the side that says "INVICTA" to really make it sterile, too.

    Recently, I made this 3 ring leather ZULU strap for it from veg tan leather. I wear this combo almost all of the time but I also have an arsenal of other 3 and 5 ring zulus for different looks. I like the diver look and it's rugged as hell. I fell off my bike wearing this watch once. My face looked pretty close to what this watch face looks like (scratched with road rash). Luckily, both the gears in the watch and between my ears are still moving.