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Created by stenchlord on Dec. 19, 2012, 5:09 a.m.
  • I haven't worn one for ages but am kinda getting over needing to pull out my phone to check the time, especially now since having a larger phone (4.3" Nokia Lumia 820 now as opposed to the 3.7" Lumia 800 and 3.5" iPhone 4) they tend to be a tighter fit in my pocket when wearing jeans so are more of a pain to slide out.

    Anyways, this inconvenience led to me wanting to wear a watch again. I have a couple watches which are now a few years old and while they still work perfectly fine they no longer suit my aesthetic tastes. So I've been on the search for a new one and was so overwhelmed by the choice that's available.

    In the end I'd decided that I wanted an Automatic Watch (Self-Winding Mechanical) as opposed to a Quartz Watch (Electronic) and after quite a bit of searching placed an order for a watch which I feel suits me well. Purchasing this watch stirred the beast within though and I'm already planning for some future purchases. This watch is going to be classified as my primary everyday wear watch, which means I now need a secondary everyday watch in case my primary doesn't suit my mood, then something for formal occasions and perhaps even something for when I'm doing some labouring outside (i.e. something I don't mind getting dirty). The idea of purchasing a watch for every occasion has crossed my mind but we'll see how far down the rabbit hole I go.. lol

    Now the reason for this thread was mostly cause I'd like to see what everyone else wears in the hopes that I see something in a style that appeals to me so that I may expand my collection. So post up what watches you have :D

    Below is the watch I purchased as my primary everyday wear (not my photo, just a photo of the watch).

    Requirement is that you need to post a photo of your watch, doesn't need to be a photo you've taken but the point of this thread is for us all (mostly me) to see all the pretty watches.

  • I haven't worn a watch for about five years now. But when I did, I wore something like this fossil watch to the right. It's not the prettiest thing. Also, wearing a leather band smells funky real fast. Not a fan.

    I think the watches you're talking about are fantastic. But I have trouble justifying watch purchases, as I've always had a problem telling time on an analog watch. It's weird. as a graphic designer, I'm super visual. But analog clocks, my left and right, compass directions. In all these things, it just takes me a little longer than most people to tell the time/orient myself/press the corresponding shoulder button on the controller.

    So I tend to prefer a interface that I don't have to work to interpret. What can I say? I could probably work to overcome my analog slowness, but I'm kind of lazy.

    What I long for, is a good typeface-based watch. Something where a crisp font spells out the time. The pebble seems to be able to do it, but it's so damn bulky. With the size of the thing, the type based one looks almost fisher price, really. Maybe with e-ink getting cheaper, someone will design and produce something sleeker?

    Until then, I'm basically stuck as a phone-checker when it comes to time.

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  • I love my Casio G schock:

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    My posts aren't working... :/

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  • I either wear my Citizen WR-200 or my Ti eZ-430 depending on if I plan to get wet that day. As far as I know I should never need to replace the battery on the WR-200. I've been wearing it to work for a year and so far ,other then a few scratches, it seems to be a tank.

  • Taking a photo of my watch first reminded me that hey my date setting is off. Hooray for this that. Also is there no way to post to a photo on a server? I got a choice between a link or uploading an image.

  • @Vermy81: You can, it's just very user-friendly yet. If you hit the "more" button, and click code, you can type something like <img src=""> and post an already-hosted image that way.

  • I found this when I was in Greece back in 2005. I really liked the look of it and it's treated me well since. On the return trip a friend discovered that it was on sale in the Sky Mall. I almost felt bad for picking up a watch that was $300 (So like... $150 anywhere else?) but decided if someone was careless enough to drop this thing then it needed a new home. From this picture, I'm realizing I really need to clean it up.

    Edit: I was about to make a big deal about none of you having any arm-hair, but I feel positively feminine next to Vermy's coarse-ass arm hair.

  • @gpbmike: I post three images at once with text in between, but when I click post comment it becomes fully blank.

    Then I get all sad and turn off my Macintosh by going down in the basement and sticking a fork in the electric box thingy.

  • @Conmused: I used to be the same till I wore an analogue watch through high school and overtime it was just a matter of glancing at it. It just becomes ingrained in you eventually lol but if you aren't interested the Casio G-Shocks are very well regarded in watch communities from what I can tell. You can pick up solar powered ones which usually have a power reserve of 10-30 months operating time (depending on if in normal or power saving mode) and they're available in so many colours with slightly differing styles that you're bound to find one you like.

    @Civvie: The Citizen Eco Drives are solar powered watches and on a full charge some can go years without needing to see sunlight again. I've seen so many watches and I actually recognise yours, it has a 6 month power reserve so as long as you don't stick it in a drawer for more than a couple months it should be fine.

    @Tip70: What watch is that, I'm actually digging it. I think the tech lover in me is drawn to the bright light..

  • Ha, is that an iPod watch? (I'd @reply, but... well, mobile.)
  • @Conmused:  you can hit the reply button on mobile. Or quote button.
  • I'm also an Orient guy here, too! Here's a random Google photo of a Blue Mako, which I wear daily:

  • This is the last watch I've worn. I had to go dig it out of a box as it hasn't been on my wrist for probably 8 years or so now. I don't know how much it cost or how much it's worth, but I keep it for sentimental reasons. It was a gift from my mom after I was accepted to my college program. I wore it during my time there. It came with a leather band that I wore through. And then I broke one falling off my skateboard, and then I wore through another and never replaced it. Now I'm afraid of losing it.

  • @gpbmike: That's a nice watch, Swiss movements are great, they're a little pricey though which is why I've decided to stick with Japanese movements for the time being. Should give it a clean, you can probably take it into a place to get cleaned up and get a general service on it, then throw a band on and if you don't want to wear it get a box for it. Specially considering the sentimental reasons behind it, it would be worth doing so in my opinion.

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  • My first post failed to post... second time today -.-

    I have a few watches for different reasons.

    This one was for the LSAT because you can't have a digital watch and I wanted a very simple one.

    This one is a GPS watch for running. Garmin Forerunner 610.

    And these were my dads and they are just for fun.

  • Embarrassing admission time: although I dress myself like a vagrant, I love keeping up on men's fashion. The trend in timepieces right now is big, clean (no superfluous meters and crap on the dial), easily-readable faces with large numerical markings instead of hashes, and personalized affectations appearing on the band instead of the face. The current budget-level darling is the Timex Weekender. The dial comes in a few different colors to suit your own taste (generally you want lighter colors with suits and darker colors for more casual outfits). It can accommodate any 20mm strap (they're designed to have the straps changed out a lot), and the nylon Zulu/NATO straps are cheap and come in a million different colors and patterns so you can dress it up for any occasion. To dress it up you can swap in a leather strap like the guy here is wearing, although I think the nylon straps can be just as attractive in a semi-formal environment. The best part is that at ~$25 for the watch and $5-$15 per strap depending on the construction, it's an incredibly versatile and nice-looking timepiece that won't break the bank, even if you accidentally step on it and have to order another one. Hell, you could order one of every face color and still come out cheaper than most comparable pieces.

    The Timex Easy Reader is another really popular budget watch with an equally gorgeous face, although the non-modular bands make it a less attractive option to me.

    If you're looking to move into the three figure range, Seiko makes really quality watches, but you'll have to do some shopping around because they fucking LOVE cluttered dials. If that's your style then you'll love them, but the rule of thumb is that the more stuff on the dial, the less formal the watch is, so if you're walking around sporting the mechanical equivalent of a PIP-Boy 3000 then you should probably ditch it before your next fancy dinner party.

    If you have more money than God, just pick up an issue of Esquire. They have a Washington Monument-sized hard-on for expensive watches - I've seen watches in that magazine that cost more than my car. However, sometimes they have affordable ones too, so if you're looking at picking up a nice timepiece they're a great resource.

    Now, like I said, I dress like a nerdy hobo, so while I often don't even wear a watch, when I do wear one it's this one. It's more of a conversational piece than a useful timekeeping device, but I like it and people usually get a kick out of it.


    What you got there is a Wenger Standard Issue, probably the 70100. I can't tell if it's the lighting/age but it looks like it has an eggshell dial, which they don't make anymore in that model. If you got it cleaned up and put a nice band on it it'd be great to wear when you have to dress up oh wait you're a web developer, dressing up for you involves putting on pants.

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    Yeah. Not quite the same in a text area. Edit: huh. still worked better than expected.

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    My first post failed to post... second time today -.-

    I have a few watches for different reasons.

    This one was for the LSAT because you can't have a digital watch and I wanted a very simple one.

    This one is a GPS watch for running. Garmin Forerunner 610.

    And these were my dads and they are just for fun.

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  • Mine is Calvin Klein branded, made by Swatch. Swiss made, quartz, sapphire crystal, stripped screw down crown (I need to get it repaired soon). I rather like having the body pretty scuffed up with a flawless crystal. I won't ever go back to mineral glass. I find the tachymeter useful for long distance driving. Makes it easier to figure out how long you have to your destination, or at least your next turn. Some time in the future I want an automatic watch, sapphire face. It seems that a perpetual calendar is out of my $1-2k price range, but I probably haven't looked hard enough. There is a massive Tourneau watch store in Vegas with rather expensive watches. Interesting to walk around. They have a used section, so ... cheaper. I think the only perpetual calendar watch I looked at was a little over $4k. I tried it, said my thanks and walked away.

  • @WEB_War4:

    Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual SNP037P1 $669.00USD :)