How much data does Netflix/Hulu and Streaming use?

Created by Vermy81 on March 23, 2012, 6:04 a.m.
  • So yeah my parents have been asking me about cord cutting.

    They had 8 televisions in the house and comcast finally did the digital switchover on it's cable this month and half their televisions can't even get the standard cable package that they had on seven of them. (one with the box 7 more plugged into the cable directly.

    I have to admit though having my parents and brother and sister all watching Netflix or hulu instead of tv makes me wonder if they'll have issues with the Comcast data cap.

    These will mostly be to standard definition tv's except for one 720p set. Would they have to watch just an asinine amount of tv to be pushing that or with four or so different people is it a reasonable concern?

  • They just sort of built up. 3 kids and I wanted my own tv as the oldest and eventually everyone had their own. My dad also generally doesn't throw out anything that still works. So they eventually had one in every room save the bathrooms and kitchen. A lot of them are like mid 90s at least. The one exception was I bought them a cheap panel for Christmas.

  • Comcast doesn't seem to be enforcing their data cap, it's a soft cap and I think it's just used more as a deterrent. I've gone over by quite a bit almost every month and have yet to receive a notice from them. Unless they're using upwards of 1TB of data monthly you should be fine. It may differ from area to area though, I know a lot of people in my area are AT&T DSL customers so maybe it isn't as congested.