Ask your questions about the new site here for Will and Norm to answer.

Created by norman on March 16, 2012, 5:36 p.m.
  • Hey guys,

    Sorry we haven't had a chance to chat with you about the new site design. We've been shooting video all day (iPad Quick Look!) and have barely had a chance to sit down. We don't want to leave you in the dark, and see that there are already a bunch of threads with questions about how things are going to work on Tested going forward. In the interest of keeping things organized, can we use this thread to start a list of questions you guys would like us to answer? Please read through the thread so the same questions don't keep repeating. Will and I will answer as many as we can in a follow up thread. Thanks!

  • How do i cancel my account?

  • Why are Jamie and Adam's faces all over the site, yet you and Will are nowhere to be found at all? I understand the celebrity aspect of it all, but it doesn't seem right.

    Also, will there still be live videos every now and then?

  • What's up with that bullshit logo/header? You and Will are way cooler than those dudes.

  • Will we get our blogs back?

  • I'm not worried about the site that much, but I would like to know when that iPad quick look is going up to see if you guys love the new display as much as I do. Also I tend to agree that it should be all 4 of you at the top, I think leaving you in the background sends the wrong message.

  • Who's site is this actually now?, do you guys still have any control over Tested or how does it work?.

  • No more user profiles?

  • Will the move to new owners eliminate swearing and profanities on the message boards and podcasts? I think it doesn't fit in well with the new site.

  • What are the chances of getting Jaime/Adam on for Octoberkast 2012? (You know, for the kids)

  • Are you guys going to be doing live streams? I would really miss Jar time or the podcast video.

  • Mythbusters has a very family friendly vibe. Is that going to change the way the forums are moderated (toning down swearing, etc), or the tone of the videos?

  • Will there be any possible way to put the site into dark mode? I use a fairly large tv as my default screen and it is blinding...

  • 1. Why can't I quote people anymore here?

    2. I'm with thesoutherndandy - What's happened to Testiclese!?

  • Why did you do this :(

  • Did you guys lose creative control? It feels like the lionshare of front running media are all centered around Adam and Jamie while you guys are steadily being pushed off into submenus

  • Will we ever have the option to download videos again? My connection is not good enough to stream so I used to download everything and watch it on my boxee, that was actually my main reason for subscribing before and I would hate to lose the ability to watch you guys

  • Another question: Will the general tone of the videos be changed to make them seem overly professional? I enjoyed the segments on the Happy Hour because they were always just completely clusterfucked and insane.

  • RSS?

  • 1. Where are your actual headquarters now? Or are you both working from home? 2. When will the site get back the features it used to have (headline view)?
  • Where does Gary Whitta end up in this shake up?

  • Is the Roku app dead forever?

  • Will Lloyd still be contributing?

    When does Poorman's Tested return?

  • is it strange that I'm marathon-ing Mythbusters while on here?

  • @tangeu: The videos are all being hosted on Youtube from here on out, so they don't have a way of doing that anymore. There are definitely many ways to download Youtube videos, but at that point it has nothing to do with your subscription. :/

  • Will this lead to more videos of you guys doing Quick Looks or other stuff? Except for the Amazing Test: Bricked(which was fantastic) I felt like there weren't many QLs during the last few weeks.

  • Did Jamie and Adam approach you, did you approach them? How did this all come to fruition?

  • Don't you guys think its counter-intuitive to put two guys on the front page who are indeed famous, but have done nothing to build the site into what it is today? I hope you guys realize the reason why people love Tested is because you guys, Will and Norm. The personalities behind the sites are what made them great. I'm sure you guys will be the driving force behind Tested going forward, but just seeing how the new site is laid out gives me pause. The reason why I ignore other tech sites and come here is because the people who run this site are more interesting and funnier than other bland, boring tech sites. I know you guys will say that it's better for you and making the site bigger and better is great. But seeing "Jamie and Adam Tested" is just kind of shocking when they did nothing to build the foundation of what the site actually is. I'm just kinda stunned, and to be honest with you, I'm sure I'll come to accept it. But I just had to get this off my chest.

  • Whats going to happen to Braga and Wes? are they still going to cover tech? are they going to cover other things?

  • Who designed the site?