Welcome to Mythbuster fans!

Created by TheRandomKo on March 16, 2012, 3:03 p.m.
  • In the midst of all this chaos and rage, i just wanted to welcome any Mythbusters fans who are just joining us!

    Seems alot of the regular tested community is busy raging over the changes, and i just wanted to hear some impressions from someone who is new to Tested.com..

  • Yes welcome! We usually aren't this angry. Please don't be scared off.

  • Seriously, could they not have just go ahead and bought mythbusters.com instead of ruining Tested?

  • Welcome Mythbuster guys. We really are a nice bunch, just a few niggling change issues we're sort of focusing on ;). Hope you enjoy your new home.

  • Yes welcome Mythbusters fans, see how Berman-Braun totally destroys a website with a beloved fanbase.

  • Indeed. People are scared because what they know and love has just changed sharply, but assuming its for the best it will calm down pretty quickly.

  • Welcome!! MythBusters and Tested.com = <3

  • Yea Welcome to Tested! as @Rallier has said things are a little bit crazy right now so please don't think we are always like this.

  • Welcome to the new Tested.com!

  • Yes, please don't be frightened at our response to the dramatic changes to Tested that have occurred since 10AM yesterday. Understand that we've been reading Tested and following Will & Norm for approximately 2 years with the two of them as the prominent figures of this website.

    Please don't be shy and say Hi when you have the opportunity. Thanks.

  • Welcome new people! I hope they bring Will and Norm back into focus down the line but I am fairly happy with how this going so far.

  • Yes welcom, please don't be shy to post here

  • Welcome busters... Much love to you all, I think its about time you caught up on some old episodes of This is only a Test podcast. Good Luck and hope you enjoy tested for what it was and what it's about to become.

  • Looks like you're all talking to nobody!

  • Welcome, Mythbusters fans. We hope you learn to love our Will and Norm as much as we have over the past two years. Looking forward to seeing Jamie, Adam, Will, and Norm work together to bring information and entertainment... Hopefully, with a lot of silliness thrown in for good measure.

  • Welcome peoples! We have many old posts (which, contrary to popular belief, are not all from 10 months ago) and lots of lively discussions, advice and general chatter about tech, science, and random stuff (like Lego, lots of Lego).


    Tested moderation team

  • Welcome MythBusters, to what once was our home, take a look around. Ignore all the signs of rape and foul play. Have a seat and put up your paintings.

    Seriously, welcome.

    Also, Seriously, I would like to report a rape.

  • welcome mythbusters, this seems like the best thing that could happen to tested.

    always be testing and busting myths11

  • Well, I'm a Mythbusters fan and have been a Whiskey Media member since 2008. I don't mind the changes here too much. I look forward to seeing what's in store for the Discovery Channel celebs and Will and Norm.

  • Welcome! Just remember the golden rule and you'll be fine - don't be a dick.

  • Edits: we don't have edits, or deletes. Oh, and there's a weird bug where the stuff you type into the box doesn't actually post, which is why the above was posted under my name but was not the content I had actually written. So that's kinda weird. I guess we know why there are so many people who seem to be posting empty comments in threads.

    I had written much more, and changed the stuff I pasted in to say other things in an amusing style. But all that got eaten. So you just get a welcome from me.


    Tested 'is this broken?' team

  • Indeed, welcome! Hope you like the site as much as we have!

    Always be testing!

  • Great news! As a big Mythbusters fan and previous Tested.com viewer, I think this is the best thing that could happen to this site. I'm sure it will be far more successful under this new leadership and can't wait to get involved here once more.

  • Yes, pardon the assholes.

  • Yes, despite all our ranting today, please don't be turned off by it.

    We really do welcome you with open arms and hope for awesome discussions about science, tech, corgis, and coffee in the future.

  • You'll find the community loves to have fun...

  • @icanswim: boo my img didn't post: http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/16432040.jpg

  • Welcome new folks! Please ignore some of the crazier reactions on here. It all comes out of love for Tested. I'm sure it'll settle down.

  • I hope all you new duders love will come to love Will and Norm as we do!

  • I like how no one is posting that they are a new user because there aren't any and I'm not really surprised that that's the case.

    This move brings no one new into the community and does nothing but alienate the loyal following this website already has.