Google+ Invite Thread!

Created by Krushr on March 15, 2012, 7:01 p.m.
  • Hey guys, since there doesn't appear to be on here yet and invites are now open - I figured I'd start a invite thread so people can post their emails in here/PM them to those with access and recieve an invite.

    So yeah, either reply here or PM me on Tested and I'll send an invite out your way.

    I need emails to send the invites to guys

    Edit: Invites are open again!

  • @krushr: Can you send one my way? That'd be awesome.

  • @krushr Could I get in on that too?
  • @krushr:

    If you could get me in that would be awesome.

    And shouldn't we also make a circle thing while at it?

  • I need emails to send the invites to guys!

  • I'd love to get one, I'll share the love once I get on.


    I'll pay it forward!
  • @UnreliableNarrator@StriderNo9: Invites sent!

  • Thanks a lot guys!

    It be sweet to have a go at this.
  • this might be pretty cool!

  • Alright guys, I've sent out my last invite for a while, gotta get back to work!

  • @krushr:

    Thanks if anyone wants in pm me your email I guess. Just realized though that I don't really know anyone who has it since pretty much no one does.

  • @krushr: Thanks man. I'm in.

    I'll definitely be sending out any received invites to Testees.

  • I'd love and invite. I will also pay forward.

  • I've got my invite, so anyone who wants in just PM me your email! I'll also try inviting some people from the thread as well if I remember it.

  • @ravenjade: Thanks Raven! Much appreciated.
  • i'm in,  Just PM me your email and ill invite you as soon as i can.
  • Fuck yea, tested!

  • Is it restricted to only the states for now? (Apparently Canada is the land of Narnia so i always have to ask this with new stuff lol)

    In any case, if anyone wants to send me an invite its


  • I can send out a few invites, PM me

  • Thanks raven!

  • Alright Tested! Any that get me in with the cool kids

  • Thanks Raven! Tested community is awesome

  • Thank you Raven! Will pay it forward.

  • Can I get an invite from anybody? Would be much appreciated. Email is

  • I'm in, and if anyone wants to... you know, be my friend or whatevs, my email is I want to be inside your circle. 
  • EDIT: Thank you ^^


    Thanks to anyone who invites me!

  • Woo, I'm in.

    You want in, too?

    PM me your email address.

    Now, how the hell do I use this thing...