Show off your Tested coffee cups! (They're shipping now!)

Created by norman on March 15, 2012, 6:58 p.m.
  • Hey guys!
    If you caught our Happy Hour last week, we gave an update on the Tested coffee cups we sold at the beginning of the month. We just got samples in late last week, and our fulfillment center began mailing them out last Friday. Some of you may be receiving them as soon as today, so here's a place for you to post photos of your cups! Extra points if you do something creative with it (which i did not). 

  • Do you know how long until we get them in Canada?
  • now I wish I'd gotten one... 
    They look really nice, even though I don't drink coffee. It would be nice to have my own cup nobody in my family would mistake for their own all the time.
  • I'm in the UK I think it'll be a while before I get it.
  • That cup most certainly looks forehead-proof.
  • Can't wait to get mine :D
  • I will have to find a not crappy camera to take a picture with when I get mine...
  • Hah, I regret not buying one now, despite having zero interest in coffee.

    Still totally up for a Tested messenger back if you guys ever decide to do that... I won't hold my breath, though.
  • If only I could take pictures while at my desk with a bunch of debug information up on my monitors.  Shame I'd get fired.
  • @Helushune: time to brush up on the photoshop skills :P
  • @WolfOfOne: I practiced on a picture I took of my TV. 

    Pretty good, huh?  You can't even tell.
  • @Helushune heh, that works :p
  • You guys better do another run of these. It wasn't a good time the first run but I need my tested coffee mug. My overall happiness would be significantly greater if everything I drank was from this epicness.
  • I am putting my thinking cap on now so I will be ready when I receive it.
  • @will: Hey man, Paint's important and needs testing too!
  • Sigh. Wish I bought one T_T 
    It's just that I ordered some steel thermos literally 2 days before y'alls announcement for this lol.  
    Might pick one up if there is ever a 2nd batch! 
    Any other cool gear y'all could plaster Tested logo on? 
  • 0.0

    Norm you ever consider hand modelling?
    Those are some mighty fine cup holders
  • @moojuice: That's pretty great, you guys are making me wish I had mine already!
  • @moojuice: If this is anything like the non-Tested mug I have now it will be a few weeks before the silicon taste/smell goes away. 
  • I may have to get one filled at a Tim Horton's up here in Canada and try to flirt/convince a girl to pose in a photo with the Tested Cup and me.
    Or if I'm feeling high class, I'll go to a Starbucks, but the more likely result of that is an uppity barista or hippy... but that would also be far less Canadian. Also, fuck that term, 'barista'. You make coffee and lattes. IT AIN'T THAT FANCY.
  • How are these sexy beverage vessels being shipped?  USPS, Fed Ex, Peer-to-Peer???
  • @baltimore: Carrier pigeon... 
  • Dear Tested / Whiskey crew, 
    It is customary to provide tracking info when shipping products to customers. 
    Now that the negativity is out of the way, I'm *SUPER* excited to be getting mine in.
  • @alexnz: You are right. I'm working with our vendor to figure out the best way to make sure you all get tracking. Up to this point I've kept the process as much in house as possible to ensure quality, but I'm definitely going to make sure you guys get the best service possible. We're no Amazon. Not yet, at least ;) 
    In the meantime, email me at if you want a tracking number. I have a sheet with them (they're very limited for international customers) and I can shoot you yours. Just need your full name. 
    Thanks for the feedback!
  • @heatdrive88: If you get the girl to pose with you I'm sending you a t-shirt. ;)

  • Gonna shoot you an e-mail for the tracking # then, I am always obsessed with tracking.

  • It happens to be my birthday today, so this was a particularly serendipitous delivery. It's a really nice mug. It also really does hold almost exactly the coffee brewed with the inverted Aeropress method with just a bit of room for cream.
  • Just got mine last night as I am testing it this morning. Very nice coffee cup. I can get a generic mug like this but this one is so much better. The only problem is that my logo has a chip of paint missing in the black ring. :(  I can live with it though. 
    @will: Great picture! I think Norm's looks better though :)

  • @Scrawnto: Happy birthday dude!