Minecraft: Official Server Continued thread

Created by xantar on Oct. 12, 2012, 4:41 a.m.
  • I joined the server and I can't do anything (literally). Helps???

  • @ScreamingFist: Hey, sorry! You caught me while I was asleep downstairs on the recliner. Naps, man. I would have asked you to sign this form here. Please go do that now. In the mean time, you can now build.

  • @evil_gordita: @ScreamingFist had already been whitlisted before the promotion system went into place, so i suggested to him that he just posted on here

  • @zmaster: Ah. I didn't remember him and he wasn't in the list.

  • so just had the option to update to 1.4.6...going to wait for bukkit to update the server?

  • Since when are the Chrome devs working on Minecraft?

  • New Bukki version released. Will update later this afternoon.

  • Sounds good. I'm getting addicted to Minecraft again, I need my fix and I want that update :(

  • Alright, all done. Let's play Minecraft guys!

  • I'm already on the whitelist but now I need to be put on the list that allows me to interact with the world. Minecraft name: Arrestedevelopr

  • @Arrested_Developer:  you're good to go
  • I have filled out the form and want to get whitelisted. Minecraft name Pajander

  • @Pajander: It has been done.

  • @evil_gordita: Thank u

  • I used to be whitelisted but I haven't played in a while. Now I can't interact with any of my stuff in the world. Can someone whitelist me again? My username is super_ultra. Thanks!

  • @super_ultra: You are all set! Welcome back

  • someone blew up part of one of my towers in the creative world :(

  • @zmaster: I done fixed the culprit. He was seriously busy, I'll tell you what.

    A good way to get banned is to lay down the TNT.

  • Thank goodness that you found who was laying down the TNT and destroying our work.

    Perhaps suggesting a community build in the near future on the sever will work?

  • hey come check out our build's blog at tested alliance to see what's going on inside the tested server

  • @tharig327: Read my PM

  • @tharig327: wow, looks like you've been busy!! The town looks awesome

  • is the server being super laggy for anyone else, or is it just me?

  • @zmaster: The other night I received an email from the host that there had been some DOS attacks on the servers. (Ours is hosted in Chicago data centers. Because this is Chicago.) Maybe it's a continuation of that. Or your internet sucks.

  • @tharig327: I'll have to look at that later, but my thoughts are that things like that might be better served in the forums. I'd like to bring better visibility to the server and it's related forum threads and encourage activity in the forums in general.

  • @evil_gordita: hmmm ok we shall talk with the group

  • @coopdegra:thank you

  • minecraft 1.5 pre-release out today....anyone tried it out?

  • @zmaster: not yet HBU

  • YEAH! Minecraft 1.5 is out! I'm not sure the server is updated but get excited