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Created by xantar on March 15, 2012, 7:22 p.m.
  • @WolfOfOne:

    I kind of have no clue what's going on now. I didn't have any of my stuff when I spawned (which bummed me out because I had a pig saddle and a record), and there's so much new crap in the game that I have no clue about. The last time I played was before biomes and Hell and whatever else has been added.
  • @lane: Yeah, I've been playing this whole time and even I haven't seen most of the stuff that has been going on, so I can only imagine what it's like for you!!  You are memorialized in the Hall Of Heroes in Newfoundland though :P
  • Are carts working for anyone else?  I haven't been able to use them in a few days.
  • From notch's twitter:  http://twitter.com/notch

    @zadirion Ice and snow will regrow, farms will autowater23 minutes ago
    Adding rain and snow to 1.5.36 minutes ago

      This is some pretty big news. Who doesn't love rain?

    And from Jeb_'S twitter:  http://twitter.com/jeb_

    I just realized that replying to tweets and emails take a lot of time! I've only had time to write 3 lines of code, and it's lunch already 22 minutes ago  via TweetDeck   

  • nice, rain and snow will be interesting.  I wonder if there will be a mod that only comes out during storms :P
  • @WolfOfOne: yes the illusive Rain Pig
  • ok my minecraft ADD has kicked in and Cesson and I have founded a new city.  We call it Lake Zojirushi. So go forth and build!

  • @cesson: very nice, i like how it came out
  • @cesson i like how there is a huge tower and then a little shack next to it lol
  • Thanks for making me a builder on the server:) 
    Here is the view from my new house:
  • Would we be able to get a kit that has all of the different colours of wool in it?
  • Check out the upcoming hotness 
  • @Rallier: So much hotness.
  • @Rallier: That's awesome :D.  When is this planned to release (i checked his blog but couldn't find a date)?  This will look great once the HD Photorealism pack is updated with snow and rain textures :D
  • @WolfOfOne: upcoming week sometime. I hope early. 
  • @Rallier: Awesome, the sooner the better :D
  • I know its kinda old but the Minecraft Soundtrack is out on C418's music store for only 4 bucks!
  • Hello and welcome to TST Cribs. In tonights episode we will be taking a look at the newest castle on the block - Blueberry Castle!

    This has been TST Cribs. Thanks and see you next week
  • I bought Minecraft today for my Toshiba laptop and when I opened it up, I can't play it, it it is far too slow. Any suggestions?
  • @captainuselessd: Make sure you have the graphics on Fast and the fog turned on.
  • @JesseG: Thanks, that helped a lot :)
  • @captainuselessd: No probs, check out my Minecraft commentary for some wholesome Minecraft tips ;) ahah. I don't want to post the link again but there's a thread on it in the Games forum
  • @JesseG: Will do!
  • @captainuselessd: Thanks!
  • So do I have to ask to go on the Tested server? Or do I just go on it?
  • @captainuselessd: You have to be promoted by one of the online server mods. They have blue names so just ask when you spot one. 
  • @Rallier: Ok, thanks.                             
  • Via Jeb's twitter:  http://twitter.com/jeb_

    Sorry (3, 11) is powered, not (3, 12). Yeah power rails will either push or break carts, depending on if they are on or not 16 minutes ago  via TweetDeck

    So powered mine cart tracks this week? If so, good bye productivity!

  • @Rallier ha yep i kno wat ill be doing!