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Created by xantar on March 15, 2012, 7:22 p.m.
  • What plugin do you use for that? I switched my vanilla server over to bukkit and so far I just have a warping plugin installed. Seeing the crazy things built on the Tested server made me think that you guys used console to get mats...Some structures are just so big its nuts
  • @nick: hmod maybe?  I'm not sure what Xantar uses.
  • @nick: There are some big ones on the mainland made "thanks" to the item duping bug and a rare couple made by mods however most of the structures are on the server are legit. 
  • @Rallier: Ok cool.. Well either way I'd love to get into this community...when the server goes up I'd love to be added
  • @Rallier: A lot of mining on my part since I could never get the duping bug to work for me :P
  • @WolfOfOne: Yeah it was tricky to get the timing right, the "best" was when it backfired even if you were not doing it on purpose, destroying your item. 
  • Just wanted to pop in here and thank you guys for showing me around the server last night. Looking forward to exploring some more and adding to this great server.
  • @Rallier: yeah, that happened a lot for me as I was OCD about how to organize items in the chest to make it easier to find.. next thing I know half of the stuff I moved to other boxes were destroyed lol.
  • And the tool dupe bug... I had diamond axes coming out my ears.
  • Does Tested have a TS or Vent?
  • @JeffreyGee: at one point someone was going to set one up but I dunno what ever came of it.
  • @JeffreyGee said:
    " Does Tested have a TS or Vent? "
    Actually i believe Xantar set on up not too long ago. 
  • from  https://twitter.com/jeb_:
    "I've added a level-seed property in beta 1.4 "   
    Am i correct to assume that by this he means that i will be possible to have worlds with bigger biomes?
  • @Rallier: I'm not sure that's it. It is kinda hard to tell by that tweet.
  • @Rallier:  hey rallier, whats happening, since you are a mod now, why don't you go and sticky this post, yeeeaaaaa that'd be great mkay
  • @coopdegra said:
    " @Rallier:  hey rallier, whats happening, since you are a mod now, why don't you go and sticky this post, yeeeaaaaa that'd be great mkay "
    This :P
  • If I remember correctly, the seed is the random number that is used to generate the level.
    So if you have the seed you can generate the same level multiple times.

  • Well i just made cake, i just won Minecraft.  

    @WolfOfOne said:

    " @coopdegra said:

    " @Rallier:  hey rallier, whats happening, since you are a mod now, why don't you go and sticky this post, yeeeaaaaa that'd be great mkay "
    This :P "
  • @Rallier: i guess my office space reference didn't work
  • I just banned "xoxoradu" for trying to use a lighter on the wooden road from Xantropia to Newfoundland. Perhaps if he is reading this he can defend his use for the lighter there but i feel that if you try and use the lighter on the a wooden road and then log of directly afterwards a pretty clear cut case.  
    Thankfully he was unaware of the rank system that is in place now (he was unranked) and the fire went out by itself.  
    Also i would like to clarify that moderation in the semi-official Tested Minecraft server is completely detached from the Tested site. 
  • @Rallier: well rules is rules you gonna use a lighter on the road you get banned
  • Good to see the tested.com server still up and running. Maybe someone can make a video on the new sites since back when Will and Norm showed some minecraft on the happy hour  http://www.tested.com/whiskey-media-happy-hour-10012010/47-151/ 
    I have not played minecraft in a long time. I should play it some on my PC when I get home. I used to stay up late at night playing this game.
  • @viderian: that would be a loooonnggg video. 
  • @Rallier said:
    " @viderian: that would be a loooonnggg video.  "
    Last time I was on you guys were starting on the rail road but the carts did not work yet. I am still amazed on how quick you guys build stuff. I was digging away underground and when I cant up on to the surface you guys build this long-ass railroad and cool town. Minecraft is great.
  • Hey guys, there's a Vent server address listed in xantar's opening post in this thread.
  • @Rallier: unfortunately, maybe if the bans were connected it would give people a little more incentive to follow the golden rule :P

  • @Rallier: haha, yeah i saw that :P
  • @Rallier: i seem to always wind up in these pictures

  • So my daughter is playing minecraft on the Tested server so we would like building permission. :)  
    Here's proof.  

    Our minecraft name is GozerTC.  Thanks!