Boring RPG

Created by Rallier on March 15, 2012, 7:12 p.m.
    I just stumbled upon this via Reddit and my oh my this is one heck of a time waster.  
    What you do is press play and something happens and you can do absolutely nothing about it. Then once you can click again something else happens. That's the game.  
    Give it a go i'd say, it's oddly addicting. 
  • @Rallier:
    wow that is remarkably entertaining
  • @Rallier: That kind of reminds me of Progress Quest, a "game" in which you turn it on...and let it go. Sort of like folding, actually. You let it run and gain points (levels, items, whatever).
    Seems like this one is slightly more interactive and as you said, kinda addicting.
  • I'm listening to the podcast while playing it atm. Quite a great combination.  
    I just sold all my excess equipment and bought a fancy cake knife for 70 coins. 
  • @Rallier:
    I only have "
    +2 Common Swift Wand22 - 27

  • @cripplecaptain: Keep clicking ^^
  • I love how the cooldown on each click takes slightly longer then the last. It's helping me through this class, at least. :D

  • I love that its been monotized to buy tokens to reduce the click timer.
  • @cripplecaptain: I actually found a Token not long ago so at least there is a normal way of getting them. I'm not sure what they are used more from. I did notice that you need 10 to open a guild. 
  • ZOMG I'm not going to get anything done for the rest of the day now.

  • hmmmmm I assumed the tokens would reset the timer entirely and let it restart building from 0 but it does not :( simply stops the timer and you can hit play then it goes back to what it was
  • Wow, the graphics on that game are terrible ;) jk
  • pro tip: do NOT click before the cool down is done. 
  • @Rallier:
    did it twice by accident already lol
  • @Rallier: Ye I found that out the hard way lol.

  • Booyah 

    The party box contained 140 coins!


  • @cripplecaptain: Oh wow that is a lot...
  • "You grew a beard.
    You gained +1 wisdom!
    This game is founded in reality it appears.  
    Also just sold the to tokens i found earlier for 430 coins each on the market place!
  • @Rallier:
    go to world and click on vote, if you take 5 seconds to vote for the game you can get 4 tokens
  • @cripplecaptain: Great tip.  
    Now comes the moral dilemma of "sell for cash" or "save up for a tested guild"
  • I've lost every battle so far.
  • @Ben_H:
    need weapons and armor even cheap ones will fix that
  • I think i'll be gunning for the creation of a guild, that way we can sell eachother equipment for the cheap
  • I'm willing to waste some time on this, anything I can do to help make a guild?
  • @LtSquigs: I'll look into it. The only thing you need is 10 token and 2500 coins but i'm not sure how you can gift a player you stuff  
    edit: only way i see to pass stuff from one player to another is via the open market place, We'd have to be very fast to pull that stunt off though. 
  • @Rallier: Ok then, I'm just gonna make a bot to automatically do the game and then worry about that stuff later.
  • Wicked, works on iphone
  • @LtSquigs: powergaming ^^ Be sure to make your bot react to the text and not have it do a timed click every set time.  
    @cripplecaptain: Well there goes productivity i see
  • @Rallier: Wait react to the text in what way? To avoid dying or something? I was just going to have it hit the button regularly, and check my hp to make sure its not below a certain threshold.

  • @LtSquigs: The amount of time between everytime you can click "play" gradually increases. And when you click it when the cool down timer is still going down you get a considerable amount of malus time added to the cooldown.