The TF2 server has been hard to fill lately. ITT: a solution.

Created by lane on March 15, 2012, 7:07 p.m.
  • As some of you know, it's getting harder and harder to get a crowd into the TF2 server. Generally in TF2, the critical mass is around 10 people; once you get that many people playing, it's generally not hard to fill it the rest of the way up. However, getting that critical mass has proven to be tough lately. I've been thinking about how best to address the issue, and here's what I've come up with: The Tested TF2 Club. The Tested TF2 Club is a Steam group committed to a single purpose: getting the word out when the server begins filling up via group messages. The idea is this: anyone is welcome to join the group if they want to be alerted when the Tested server has players in it. Most people, provided they actually spend time playing in the server, will quickly be promoted to admin so that they have the power to broadcast messages to the group. The whole idea is to have an entire cabal of people who can alert other Tested users when the server is seeing activity, so this list will end up being pretty extensive. This was the best idea I could come up with while brainstorming for ideas, so if anybody smarter than me has any better ideas, I'm all ears. For now, join up, and I'll see you there!
    PS - If we can get 18 in the server tonight around 9:30 CST, then Highlander is going down. Get pumped.
  • Joined! I haven't played TF2 in frakking forever, so I'll try to join a game when I've got the time. GB Forza Race Night today though. :\
  • I'll try to join in tonight. I'm terrible at TF2, but that's what makes it fun.
  • This is like the third time i've said this, I know, but as soon as my new internet is in (I thought it would have been this week, but I guess probably next week) I can play. Until then, I can play for about five minutes until I hit a ping in the neighborhood of 1000ms (yes, a ping of 1 second). I look forward to this immensely! 
  • Why don't you guys just join the Tested group? I'll make Lane an admin, then you can hit like 800+ people at once. URL is
  • I'll join, I've put hundreds of hours into TF2, and I've just started again lately (40+ hours these past two weeks! Hooray for college!).
    @will: I think the goal was to have nearly everyone able to send out group messages when they see someone playing (in case the lone few admins aren't around), but I'll join  that, too!
  • @Fripplebubby: Ah 1 second!?  
  • @will: 
    That'd work, too. My thoughts with this group were a) being liberal with admin privileges so anybody could rustle up a game and b) only bothering people who've specifically signed up to get bugged about playing TF2 a lot. The other group would also work to serve a slightly different purpose, I think.
  • Aaaaah, I like both ideas!
  • I joined hopefully now I can actually play on the server when people are on it.
  • Joined.  This will be much easier to get TF2 server filled.  Good idea Lane.  
    I won't be on this weekend as I will be out of town, but Monday count me in!
  • I haven't played TF2 since they added hats. Mainly cause didn't know a good group to play with. Will join as soon as i can. Don't know how often will be able to play, but i'd love to get back in to it.

  • Fantastic.  We had some good fun last night, I was sad I had to leave early.
  • I am strongly con hats.
  • I just wanted to say that sending out mass invites is a good idea. I had a great time playing last night with you guys. I haven't played since before they had the poly items so I'm pretty much lost with all these crazy weapons everywhere now.
  • Quick update: I'm making admins out of anyone who's active here or whom I've personally played with on the server. There are a few members of the group who haven't been promoted to admin yet, and it's simply because I don't know who you are and I don't want to give permissions to anybody who might abuse the system. If you're not an admin and want to be, send me a message on Steam or post here to let me know who you are.
  • I am now in TF2 and will camp out in the server for a bit.  Bout to post on Twitter, come one come all..
  • Did that 5 Gorge map mess up for anyone else?
  • I'd be down for this... pity that GMT gets screwed on this sort of play <sigh> why can't we all be everytime, all the time :P
  • I own TF2, but I've never actually played it. If you need more players, I suppose I could join. Although, I may be more of a hindrance than an asset. At least until I figure out what to do.
  • @mechanical_ape: Wouldn't matter, learning how to play TF2 can be picked up incredibly fast.  The main point is having fun and none of us are grouchy about people not doing exactly what they're supposed to.
  • @Helushune:
    Good I dont claim to suck but anything I know about TF2 is about 3 years old now. so there is a ton i do not know now or have forgotten.
  • I haven't played TF2 since it launched, but I'm up for some. Joined both groups.
  • @cripplecaptain: Well then.  Equipment will be a bit of a shock to you won't it?  Get ready to be angry at spies.
  • I joined both groups and I just finished downloading it and installing it, so next time you guys do something I can join in. Now I just need to figure out how to play and who to be.
  • @mechanical_ape

    When in doubt, Medic.
  • Always be medic.
  • soooo, we gonna have any games in GMT friendly time today (oh wait super bowl today.... FUUUUUUUU-) 
    Also I found the pyro a good start class TBH
  • @JohnnySasaki said:
    " Also I found the pyro a good start class TBH "
    Just be sure to spy check and everyone will love you.

  • Thanks, I'll try medic and pyro. I usually like to snipe in games, but it would probably be best to start with something more simple first until I get the hang of things.