Which Affordable Grinder to partner an Aeropress?

Created by Rean on Nov. 7, 2012, 1:37 a.m.
  • I'm thinking of getting an Aeropress for Christmas for father and I. I am fairly new to grinding my own coffee and am not sure what affordable grinder, under 50GBP, would be good.

    Also if there is anything better then an Aeropress, please point me in that direction.

  • @Rean: Not sure exactly the selection available and how they are priced on your side of the pond, but I would recommend anything that is a burr mill grinder as apposed to whirly blade. If you shop hard enough you should find something on sale in your price range to meet those conditions from Baratza, Capresso, De'Longhi etc.

    Suggest looking over this beginners guide to get you started http://www.wholelattelove.com/buyingguide.cfm?buyingguideID=5

    For the recored currently I have been using a Capresso 560 which has been a good value for it's price range.


  • I've been using the Bodum Bistro burr grinder for over a year and am quite happy with it. Yields a nice, consistent grind with a good range from fine to coarse. Although, even its finest setting probably isn't quite fine enough for real, purist's espresso, but as someone who never makes espresso, that's quite alright with me. It's great for the Aeropress, which I use it for daily. Quite a bit over your budget, but it's the cheapest/best conical burr grinder (as opposed to an inferior disk burr) I could find when I was in the market for a grinder.

  • For Aeropress, you could easily do a manual burr grinder. Those are very inexpensive. Something like this should do you fine. TIAMO ceramic burr grinder

    Another alternative to Aeropress that is friendly to brewing larger quantities is pourover method. Cheapest option for that is, I think, the Hario V-60. Despite the coffee snobbery rhetoric about needing the special bendy spout kettle for pourover, it's perfectly possible to do it with a regular kettle as long as your hands are steady.

  • Thanks guys and girls! I will be drinking the good stuff soon :)