Best place to buy fresh coffee online (for Canadians)

Created by markhole on April 5, 2012, 10:16 a.m.
  • Any fellow Canadians buy their coffee beans online? I normally buy mine at some of the local coffee shops around town but the selection isn't the best and it is not always the freshest. Because of this, I am thinking about getting some from the internet. Are there any sites (who ship to Canada) that you folks recommend which carry decently fresh coffee?

  • @markhole: Coffees of Hawaii usually has some pretty good coffee in my experience. they do seasonal roasts and you can almost always find coupon codes for free shipping or %s off.

  • @markhole: I think there was a topic about this on the old forums. Could still be around.

    My suggest here as it was there (from @will) is Elysian Coffee (from Vancouver). They rotate the blend every week but ship only whole beans.

  • @HeadNodShy: I did a couple searches because I thought I remembered such a thread No Luck

    @MAGZine: Just orders a couple 8oz bags of Kona and a Bag of Ka'u Loa! You had me at coupon.

    I will probably check out Elysian when this is all gone.

  • Kicking Horse coffee, has anyone else had it? It's my favourite brand.

  • Yep, Kicking Horse is good stuff. I also like Big Mountain Coffee. You can find both in most grocery stores in Alberta.

    I've never tried ordering beans online. Maybe will give that a shot at some point.

  • Have you tried Twice Coffee Subscription?

    They ship 2 bags of coffee from 2 popular roasters every month... and they ship for free to Canada & the US...

  • @jbrisebois: I have not tried this. Have you? Any good?

    I am very intrigued...

  • @markhole: Thats easy, I order mine from Eco Cafe and its shipped direclty from Costa Rica. ( They have organic and fair trade Costa Rican coffee in single server, ground or wholebean. Check em out.

  • Found a updated Canadian Coffee roaster list here:

  • Did we break elysiancoffee guess I will have to check back later.