Keurig ground coffee serving size?

Created by datarez on March 17, 2012, 8:15 a.m.
  • So we've been using a Keurig for quite a while. We really enjoy it because we want a cup of coffee in the morning each but brewing a whole pot wasn't for us. But, after seeing the math recently, can't find the link, on how much it costs per ounce of coffee in a K cup vs other ways to get your coffee we're trying to use ground coffee in that little Keurig ground coffee k cup thing. We've tried a couple different amounts of ground coffee in the cup but not sure what is the right amount. Anyone know how much ground coffee should be used for one cup of coffee?

  • I believe a standard K-Cup has about 10 grams of coffee. If you have a kitchen scale, you could weigh out 10 grams and start from there.

  • So I have to sell k-cups at my parttime coffee shop job, and absolutely despise the things. I understand the convince of them, and if you're attempting to switch over to the "my k-cup" metal mesh thing, that's great but I doubt it will last very long as they're kind of a pain in the ass to clean, and this is made extremely apparent if you use it twice in a row. My main problem with K-cups is that while they may technically be recyclable, but I doubt that most people are going though and separate the recyclable components off of each cup, or toss them in the recycling at all.

    As far as the math goes, you end up paying about 0.05$ a cup of coffee by buying the beans by the pound and paying 0.71$ per k-cup cartridge. Oh, and the amount of actual coffee that is in each k-cup varies by coffee variety, the stronger coffees tend to have a bit more in them. But I agree which markhole, start with about 10g and adjust for the cup size you're brewing. If you want to brew just one cup of coffee in the morning I'd like to recommend a pourover brewer (, it's more eco-friendly in the long run, you can use better coffee, it's probably faster than using the mesh "my-kcup" once your factor in cleaning, and best of all it's easier to clean. Sorry for having a bit of a rant, but after selling the things for so long, it kind of builds up.

  • Thanks for the info and not a rant just some good info. I about some of those issues going in but connivence won out vs a standard brewing machine. I didn't know about the other single serving things like the pour overs at the time. We did quickly notice we need two of the metal mesh cups to keep the quickness of making two cups back to back in the morning.

    We do have a digital scale so we'll try 10 grams and report back.

  • Didn't even know I was looking for that info until I saw it. Thanks for kicking some knowledge, Nezrit. Helpful stuff, as I've been trying to decide between a Keurig brewer and a pourover-style option.

  • Oh just found Gary is doing the same switch. He mentions it on episodes 111 and 113. I'll see if he can give us his data on what he uses. Looks like this is the cup he uses. I'm using another kind but still doesn't require taking apart the existing hardware.