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Created by will on Dec. 11, 2012, 12:59 p.m.
  • @Rallier: Hey you know the drill. Browser?

  • I'm seeing some odd layout issues with menus/text/etc on Windows 8 in Chrome at 2560x1440 resolution. Lots of text is overlapping or misaligned.

    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/X5eN8.jpg

    EDIT: Scratch that. Just did a refresh and everything is looking great now. Top men must be on the case!

  • When you post something, and immediately want to edit it, you cannot even though the button is there. You have to do a refresh first before editing. Not a big deal obviously.

    Chrome 23.something on OSX 10.8.2.

    Also, wow they are on version 23 of Chrome now.

    I'll report back how things are on iPhone since I just got one(!).

    Edit: Just a suggestion, you should change the little image thing that is beside the website on the bookmark bar from a yellow T to an orange T to reflect the new colour scheme.

  • Not a biggie, but if the user has forced HTTPS for their preferences (for whatever reason that may be) HTTPS does not load, there needs to be redirect to standard HTTP.

  • @Ben_H: thanks for the note about the favicon, sometimes we miss the little things.

    re: edit post bug, testing that right now... :)

  • Minor cosmetic issue, but some of the text in the right hand columns is overflowing the table a bit.

    Firefox on Windows 7.

  • Also, when editing a post that has an image in it completely removes the image.

    Edit: Test.

    Double edit: Yup.

  • Scrolling through the font page carousel causes problems with the images, where there should be 4 there are 3 Win7/Firefox 16. This also happens in Chrome and when there rather than just stopping from continuing passed the point of content, the carousel displays nothing.

    In Chrome specifically there is an issue with the images not having the correct spacing sometimes. Win7/Chrome

  • I was just replied to in the Welcome to Tested news article but didn't receive a notice about it, intended or maybe something to look into?

  • Question, when you upload an image but then not click the post button, what happens to the image? Is it orphaned on the server or does it get cleaned up if it's not attached to a post?

  • @Vexxan: Huh. I wonder, did that use to work in the past? I never commented on articles enough to earn replies there, I don't think.

    What about forum posts? Did you get a notification for this one or is it broken again..?

  • @evil_gordita: Seems to work in the forums, when you replied to me now the "text bubble" at the top turned yellow but not when I was replied in a news article.

  • The whole design is wrapping together and lacking spaces ect here.

    Cant really describe it so screenshot: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5128094/tested.jpg

    Win7 64bit chrome Version 24.0.1312.35 beta-m

    EDIT: Well it seems to be fixed as well, the issue is now gone. Pretty sure i tried the hard refreshes and everything before taking the ss but maybe not.

  • Those of you experience font issues, it's a known Windows Chrome bug that is suppose to be fixed in Chrome 24 which is not on the stable branch yet. The reason for this bug is because we switched to prioritize SVG fonts. It yields consistent results across all browsers. If we use anything other than SVG for some of the fonts, you would be seeing blurry text due to the way Windows renders fonts.

    @Silan: It looks like you're running 24 beta and still saw the issue. That's not good... if you ever see it come up again, let us know.

    If you really want to know, here's the bug thread on the issue you guys are describing: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=95102

  • Not really a bug, just a small complaint. There's no page selector at the top of forum post, only at the bottom.

  • @adrianlikesbeer: Aww yeah you changed favicon! It looks so nice now. It doesn't clash so much with all my other favicons either now too! (Now I know what those icons are called again now that you said it. I couldn't remember for some reason)

  • On PMs you need to put a "jump to last page" button, like how it is on the forums, not really a bug, more of a missing feature

  • Not really a big thing, but the comment count on stories doesn't seem to go past 99.

    win 7 latest Chrome.

    Never mind. Looks like it takes a little bit for the count to refresh.

  • Just wondering for the forums, is there going to be a "go to last post" button on the forum browser so that we don't have to go to the first page then select the last page or select the older/newer post button?

  • Explore link to on the bottom takes you to http://www.tested.com/news/ and gives 404 error

    Example > http://i.imgur.com/4sco6.jpg

  • @coopdegra: Hey, at least a certain PM thread only takes up three pages instead of 12 with the increased posts per page.

    How about a bit of an odd problem with a multi-page forum thread?

    Here is page two of the Minecraft thread. And here is page three.

    For some reason, page three is a reverse chronological version of page two, but without the page navigation (page 1, 2, 3, next, last, etc). A spot check with some other larger threads doesn't show this problem.

    This post was brought to you by the letters 'F' and 'U'. One of these days I'm going to screen capture myself trying to write a post with this blasted rich text editor. I always end up fighting with it whenever I post something.

  • Hi Guys, similar to @EvilEmpire, I'm getting that overlap issue in Chrome 23.0.1271.95 on Windows 8.

  • Is there a reason why Jamie's blockhead image in the header is really soft in comparison to the others?

  • My page looks just like @echelon11

    Running Win7 x64 with Chrome 24.0.1312.35 beta-m. I've done a few Shift+F5's and it hasn't fixed. For what it's worth, page looks great in IE9. :)

    EDIT: Wait, what? It just fixed itself after I changed the header to blockheads. I'm confused.

  • I doubt this has anything to do with the redesign, but I'm only getting one entry in my RSS reader and it also does not update when new articles are posted. It happens with both the sites feed, and the feed on feedburner. It only seems to be happening with Tested.

  • Someone might have mentioned this somewhere, but chronology with some older articles seem busted. There's a few older articles on the frontpage right now with a date of Dec 11, even though they are from earlier. Like the voxel article, Volpin props article and the Real Steel article, all are from 1-2 weeks ago (based on the comment dates).

  • @narkeeso: Same SVG font issue, Windows 8 64 Bit, tried Chrome 24.0.1312.35-Beta and 25.0.1354.0-Dev, cleared cache, same font overlap issue.

    What Chrome version did it get tested on and it worked ok, I can try that on Windows 8 if you already haven't to eliminate any issues with Operating System.

    Edit: Ok, weird. I refreshed, clear cached, relogged in to sync my Chrome settings and nothing changed. After I posted the above message and the page reloaded all the fonts are render perfect with correct spacing, no overlap.

    No idea what magical event just occurred.

    Second Edit: Ok, cleared cache again, closed Chrome (25.0.1354.0-Dev), same font overlap issue, confused now.

  • Same issue, same browser and OS. Last night refreshing didn't help but after I bounced around a few pages it seemed to fix itself. This morning nothing seems to be fixing it.

    @echelon11 said:

    Hi Guys, similar to @EvilEmpire, I'm getting that overlap issue in Chrome 23.0.1271.95 on Windows 8.

  • @SuperTess: I was having this issue myself until I updated to the latest stable version of Chrome, apparently my browser didn't want to update itself until I manually checked for an update. Latest version is 23.0.1271.97 m as of this post.

    Click Options > About Google Chrome and mash on the update button. After relaunching my browser the format of the site was fixed, good luck.

  • Image captions are borked. My batman image should have "Batman in Gotham.TTF" below it. Also images scaling is off. http://www.tested.com/forums/general-discussion/452168-well-hello-there-tested-30/?&p=2

    .embed-type-image img has width:100%, which is part of the problem. I'm guessing that should have been max-width instead.

    The positioning control is kind of hard to understand, but it might be because my options right now are left-align, OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, and right align. Currently, just stoked to be able to upload/post images again.