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CJSeiblyBlade Runner 1982 Sketchbook »
by CJSeibly    in Books
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eznarkWhat Are You Reading? »
by eznark    in Books
firebird 17,478 446
joemcmahonWhat are your "perfect books"? »
by joemcmahon    in Books
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ryantherebelRecommended Smart Action/Sci-Fi Novels »
by ryantherebel    in Books
Silas Err 261 6
NscafeTowel Day »
by Nscafe    in Books
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StephenWesterveltGeorge RR Martin writes his books on a Dos machine with Wordstar 4.0  »
by StephenWestervelt    in Books
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BaskervilleManorSo what are your favorite three books that you read of all time? »
by BaskervilleManor    in Books
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FeigrNeed science fiction recommendations »
by Feigr    in Books
ProcrastinatingPhysicist 763 9
Thats Mr.DingusWhat book should I read? »
by Thats Mr.Dingus    in Books
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midniteginAbout to catch up on Trillium »
by midnitegin    in Books
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TomHoddenI wrote some short books. I decided tommake them free to share. »
by TomHodden    in Books
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RallierWalter Isaacson, biography writer most recently know for his book on Steve Jobs joins Khan Academy »
by Rallier    in Books
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PacManFevaaPaperwhite or Fire? »
by PacManFevaa    in Books
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mgbeachPictorial Webster's: Inspiration to Completion »
by mgbeach    in Books
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willRichard Feynman Biographical Comic Out Today (Article) »
by will    in Books
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TomHoddenSci Fi Suggestions appreciated! (Audio books count right?) »
by TomHodden    in Books
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sandpAugmented Reality using Microsoft Kinect »
by sandp    in Books
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MAGZineHow do YOU keep track of your place? »
by MAGZine    in Books
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kim_aSuggestions for autobiographies audiobooks? »
by kim_a    in Books
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EkpyroticuniverseI wrote a book, its free to lend on kindle or buy it if you so wish  »
by Ekpyroticuniverse    in Books
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